Nov 16, 2007

The List of Ingredients

Most Malaysian have realized that their weekly chores to the nearest market or supermarket are no longer the same, everything has gone up or "Barang Naik" (BN). Don't blame yourself of your lower qualifications, has provide you with basic job, with meagre salary nor blaming your boss giving your RM-based salary instead of US dollar, better bet, the Euro.

But the culprit is - increasing petrol price, will increase everything

I dont have to become Professor of Economics to explain the spiral effect, but hey look further and deeper;

Its cost RM4 Billion (shared with 26 million Malaysian) to subsidized the petrol that we are paying at 1.92/litre

but RM16 Billion to subsidized, roughly about 10 the Independence Power Producer (IPP) is never an issue...
(the facts is electricity could be easily supplied by TNB even without IPP)

who's suffering now, who's laughing all the way to the bank :(

why can't our government change the subsidized regime to RM16 Billion to 26 Million rakyat, and RM4 billion to 10 business, after all business is about taking risks. The Answer: Crony for BN

think about it Malaysian, next year another increament promised. If you vote BN, then suffers barang naik

It is funny indeed, with ingredients and gas to cook, it become my first issue in economics suffered by Malaysian.....

(update 30/11: MIER has announced today that we, Malaysian are OK with 40 cents increament - AFTER ELECTION!!! - wow, OK - that will be RM2.32 per litre or for my 15 yr old iswara - about RM95 full tank x 5 per month = RM475!!!! even at this moment at RM1.92 or 70x5= RM350 I already feel a pinch.... how about all the ingredients price - TAK NAIK? oh please, with Shafie Afdal controlling everything, you will know the spiral effects, everything is increasing 40% for sure, yet the MIER person who announced it known as Professor bla bla, never mentioned anything on the spiral effects... as stupid as someone to be known as a Professor, it stinks even to the highest heavens)