Apr 8, 2008

Mee Combat, between Pasembur and rojak?

Here another speciality in Taiping. Ever heard the "Combat Movie"? Now TV1 is airing them again under slot RETRO. So far I haven't manage to watch them, since the timing is bit late as I need to wake up early.

Nevertheless, I believe there is only one COMBAT Noodles in Malaysia, obviously located in my hometown. Nothing special, just a mamak mee, only the preparation is rather quick - combative style :).
If you got I chance, tryout this - order kiawtiaw goreng + satay there, and you will please with the taste

Another favorite is pasembor - another authentic mamak food avaialable. Don't get confuse with rojak, as pasembor are more lighter in-term of ingredients. What is the major difference between the two - is the sauce, Pasembor used sweet-mix chilli sauce, while Rojak is peanut sauce. The price is only RM3 per plate...yummy

The Popiah Making

How to make a popiah?

here is step by step which were taken by me while making a pit-stop at Taiping recently

The first picture shows the layer of popiah skin, followed by a spread of sweet chilli sauce, then the bean-sprout, "steamed-sengkuang"(sweet turnip / chinese turnip), a dash of scrambled eggs and dried shrimps before rolling it..bon appetite

Defining Malay Cuisine

I was contacted by my former student, Mohd Fuad who are currently in final semester of a French Baccalaureate Program

He is currently in the midst of collecting data on Malay Cuisine, which I found as interesting and challenging as well. So how to define the Malay Cuisine?

Malay is a race from Malay Archipelagos, which consists of Peninsula of Malays & Borneo (Malaysia), Indonesian Island - Sumatra and Java, Island of Philiphines. The main staple is Rice, while the main dishes consists of Fish and Seafood, Poultry and sometime Beef. While the ingredients use in making up the dishes are fresh herbs and spices.

The ingredients strcuture consists of herbs, spice and being balance with elements of acidic and alkaline; a culinary skills which could makes ways for scientific formulations.

That is my short opinion on Malay Cuisine, What is yours? any advice are welcome