Apr 20, 2008

Food Pyramid: A Guide towards healthy lifestyle

Food Pyramid is known as guide towards a balance diet and subsequently a healthy lifestyle. Food in Malaysia is aplenty and became of the luxury enjoyed by many people here, as the ingredients are cheap and affordable. Above here is the new pyramid concepts which I have found yet to gain its momentun in this country - as we still very much refer the old brick-style pyramid

Nevertheless the old or new pyramid , the amount of food intake are vary among individuals, here are some advice such as:

1) focusing on high-fibre food
2) minimize the sugar and salt contents
3) maximum 3 meals if not twice a day
4) while maintaining the water and fruits in daily diets..

that remind me of a friend, Mr Tan - who manages to get rid about 10kgs in month, by just avoiding dinner and replacing it with 100% fruits as snacks...yup, you read it right, he lost 10kgs!!!!

The most important in the graphics shown above is the figure of climbing a stairs - indicate the excercise

That is the major issue of Malaysian - plenty of food yet lack of exercise

so that why the statistics indicate as we are among the highest in term of heart and diabetic disease related.

so let go exercise....and that could be as simple as walking around for 30 minutes continously.