Aug 17, 2009

My Dream Set of Knife

knife is the most important tools for a chef. Myself have very few type of knife, namely the chef/ french knife 6", a utility knife. A boning knife ( a gift from a NZ chef), Serrated knife 11'' as Pastry Chef should have and few type of small knife.

Frankly these knife did not come cheap. Nevertheless I hope to get few more of them, and recently I found ..... now the money issue :(

the set of knife; with everage price of RM150 per piece, looks alike I need few thousand then.. only time will tell when I will get these

Food and Hotel Malaysia 2009

.....or FHM in short, are the biggest food fair and exhibition in Malaysia and South East Asia. Conducted as bi-annual programme offer various updated information's on food, food innovations, F&B machinery's and lots more.

Machineries for food production are the main attractions, nevertheless my main objective was to visit the food display

Bread and chocolates

Bread and confectionaries

Florence Tan with all her jokes!!!

Fruit Coulis, ice-cream and cheese products

Pastries and processed meat product

premium meat cuts and confectionaries

Organic Rice, Purified Water and Bird Nests

Vinegar, seafood and Spices

Spices, mushroom and frozen food

Processed Meat, Cheese and Chocolates

Pastries, Coffee Products and Premium Meat Products

July 09 - letters as life experience

Here are the extraction of 4 mailing which I received recently which I indicate it as life experience. The first two was from my current workplace. It was frustrating indeed, but then the last two mails make my day.

Mail - One
Despite your exemplary contribution to the university, we regrets to inform you that we are unable to process further your promotional application..... (know how, not know who..that is me) sucks - dont ask people to apply if you dont have the intention to promote your staff

Mail - Two
We regret to inform that your articles are not qualified for the incentive scheme (again know how, not not who, my paper is indeed accepted by one on refereed conference) another stupid policy; dont come up with such policy if you have double standards

Mail - Three
We would like you to join us as ........ for time being. Once you complete the PhD, the university will offer a better scheme up to Associate Professor. Since we are a research university, it will offer a conducive environment for people like you( an invitation from a public university of Malaysia)

Mail - Four (the best moment indeed....)
We would like to extend our invitation to you as Visiting Professor, from Jan 2011.( what!! a US-based state university invited me as a professor) (since then the conversation has been continue....)

Sometime with office politics, its only killing you and subsequently the organization. People will move forward and contributes more if only organization appreciate the workers. That is the core in human capital.

Life is a climb, at the end, the view is priceless - Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana the Movie ;)

Culinaire 09 for Ghazali

Zali...An Eiffel tower made from baguette, decorated with French Color...bon appetite monsieur!