Aug 17, 2009

Food and Hotel Malaysia 2009

.....or FHM in short, are the biggest food fair and exhibition in Malaysia and South East Asia. Conducted as bi-annual programme offer various updated information's on food, food innovations, F&B machinery's and lots more.

Machineries for food production are the main attractions, nevertheless my main objective was to visit the food display

Bread and chocolates

Bread and confectionaries

Florence Tan with all her jokes!!!

Fruit Coulis, ice-cream and cheese products

Pastries and processed meat product

premium meat cuts and confectionaries

Organic Rice, Purified Water and Bird Nests

Vinegar, seafood and Spices

Spices, mushroom and frozen food

Processed Meat, Cheese and Chocolates

Pastries, Coffee Products and Premium Meat Products

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