Jan 22, 2009

Culinary Educational Trends

Culinary is an area where personnel involved known as chef. The trade and skill based profession are highly demand in European Countries as well as in Australia and Japan as many other hospitality graduate. In many countries, you need at least a Diploma in stipulated area of hospitality before being granted a job permit especially in Europe, whereas ASEAN have started the discussion on implementing the same.

From in trade and skills, where most personnel are trained through on-the-job training, culinary nowadays require certain level of academic training. The market also has becoming a niche in terms of job specification from just Executive Chef and Sous Chef which refined to hotel to Corporate Chef, Personal Chef, Celebrity Chef as well as Consultant chef as in wider perspective

As the culinary grow into an academic discipline, as it gain popularity as chosen career, many university nowadays started offering Bsc. in Culinary as other program in Diploma, Certificates and short courses. There are other discpline and area which known among other as Culinary Science, Gastronomy, Molecule Gastronomy and Culinology.

Culinary Science in an area where the chef have wider knowledge on Food Science and chemistry, where as molecular science is involved in creative way on ingredients and cooking methodology. Culinology is a term trademark by Research Chef Association (RCA). It is an area where chefs involved in many aspect of food and management research, as well as research in food science and technology .

it is great indeed to see this expansion, though there are serious issue on developing a trully passionate chef educators as to support the overwhelming popularity of culinary program.

In Malaysia perspective, there are many private institutions offering Diploma in Culinary Arts, whereas the Degree is Offered by UiTM, UPM and soon by USIM. As for graduate program there are in the way, with UiTM leading the way with Masters in Gastronomy. In international level there are many Associate Degree in Culinary Arts and BSc Culinary arts offered namely United States and certain European Countries. There are very few good Master program for culinary namely Cordon-Blu of France and MBA-Culinology of SMSU - which offering a true meaning of culinary.

As it maturely grow, it is now an appropriate time for those who invloved in this area to have around table on developing graduate program / higher degree on culinary which include Master and PhD.

In short this culinary area offer many opportunity for those who wanted to venture something that unique, travelling while earning and vast career as it offer in many industry, namely Hotel, Catering, R&D , Academics, writer, food critics, photographer or even owning a restaurant.

Jan 21, 2009

Sugar Sugar Baby

As being informed by the Minister of Consumer Affairs (should we change to Minister of businessmen affair), the sugar price is likely to be increase by RM.0.20 per kilo after Chinese New Year. This was due to the new tariff (price) on new agreement of importers and therefore Malaysia Government cannot afford to provide subsidies to Rakyat again and again.. :)

well, in different perspective we have 2 monopoly importers of sugar in Malaysia, both of them are billionnaires, that the only reasons Government try to protect their business rather helping poor rakyat in reducing the cost of living by reducing the price of ingredients. why don't break the monopoly and let the free-market indicate the price

in another perspective, its good to have higher price, perhaps this will reduce the consumption of sugar in Malaysian food, therefore reduce the obese and related diseases such as Diabetics.

the set back will, another excuse for food business to increase their food price again as obviously many of drinks are added with condensed milk (creamer?) which using a lot of sugar, not to mention other processed food as well.

what I am tired is the way Government explain each time there is price changes, it always reflected to the subsidies... as if the subsidies are coming from government own pocket money. Bear is mind, most of income coming from petroluem, which federal government "force" to take from rakyat through Petronas Act. while other income, bulk of it, is through "income tax" which coming from you and me..all reflected the income generated are coming from rakyat, not for minister to " misuse" or mismanage"it they way they like.

back to the sugar issue, it always suggested to take brown sugar instead white sugar and we have have plenty choice including palm-sugar, obviously honey is the best as stated in Quran.

in the meantime, while waiting for the new price of sugar to be announce... I have to compiled my 2008 tax return :(

Jan 9, 2009

My Heart and Soul with The Palestinian

I am guilty as my body is here ... in luxury.......Forgive me God, for my inability to help my brothers and sisters there

taken from rockybru

Account Name: MERCY Humanitarian FundAccount No: 5621 - 7950 - 4126
ABA Swift Code: MBB EMY KLAAddress: MAYBANK BERHAD, 20G-28G, Jalan Wawasan 4/5, Bandar Baru Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

(fyi- I dont believe in donating through newspaper (except harakah), in which they will conveyed through our corrupted government to another corrupted Mahmoud Abbas Government, donate straight to establisment that have direct connection to the Palestinian People)

taken from rockybru

or you can start boycott products that link to zionist, the key is to start small as you could as simple as not buying cokes or starbuck .. is it so difficult? Then moves to bigger as most product have alternatives... the issue is to do it your best level.... the killing will stop if we stop buying.