Apr 6, 2009

Mecca and Madinah

I had quite few write-up on my projects, which supposed to be the biggest ever, only if I were granted such businesses

Nevertheless, I did mentioned that 2009, is for my PhD and nothing else, as I do frustrated on many projects which never materialised, albeit it was part and parcel as in business it have only succeed or failure.50-50 chance, as I involved in consultancy work.

As per April 2009, I had 2 project secured, first was the just launched project entitled Knowledge Management, which involving as many as 10 consultant working together ( I love the networking) while the other is teaching at UPM in July which I took one subject despite being offered two.

While lying down at home (due to acute sickness), a call was recieved, and it was another project secured - albeit in small scale - for Haj pilgrims -

I am going there on 16th April and during Haj seasons this coming October, Insya'allah
(may Allah forgives me)

Down.... and while being positive

I was down with acute gout which lasted 14 days and until today still very much in recovery period... and today, I am able of walking slowly to the office, after quite painful driving a 'manual' car.

being positive person, there are many good things does happen during my 'rest' day..among other supervise my house renovations, had some quality time with my wife and of course, the best news was another project was secured.

Life goes as usual