Apr 6, 2009

Mecca and Madinah

I had quite few write-up on my projects, which supposed to be the biggest ever, only if I were granted such businesses

Nevertheless, I did mentioned that 2009, is for my PhD and nothing else, as I do frustrated on many projects which never materialised, albeit it was part and parcel as in business it have only succeed or failure.50-50 chance, as I involved in consultancy work.

As per April 2009, I had 2 project secured, first was the just launched project entitled Knowledge Management, which involving as many as 10 consultant working together ( I love the networking) while the other is teaching at UPM in July which I took one subject despite being offered two.

While lying down at home (due to acute sickness), a call was recieved, and it was another project secured - albeit in small scale - for Haj pilgrims -

I am going there on 16th April and during Haj seasons this coming October, Insya'allah
(may Allah forgives me)

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