Nov 27, 2008

what is the meaning of life and to live?

I always wanted to write something about our life.

Life is always presumed after SPM, as Malaysian perspective. All the form 5 leavers wanted is as many 'A's' in their certificates then next will be offering from top universities or graduated at least from any university.

Then what, top positions, big car, big house... all is about money or in short: money talk...:)

Enough from me, lets read from what I collected here... (reproduce without permission from

This below article written by Mishal Kanoo, one of the richest young men in Arab world and he makes sense.

The Rat Trap

From a young age we are taught that we should work. We work hard at school to get the best grades to go to university. We work harder at university to get a good job. And we work yet harder at the job to get that promotion. Finally, we work harder still to keep on getting promotions until we retire.

In the meantime, we fail to love our parents for taking care of us. We miss out on being children with time to laugh and play because we so want to be an adult.We learn to hone our competitive edge to the degree that we forget our humanity sometimes. And as we grow older, we forget what it means to genuinely love unconditionally and the meaning of forgiveness.

Instead, we learn that everything is an obstacle that we must overcome or we will never reach the next stage. Look at the way electronic games are set up. It is a learned behavior. The child learns to fight and push forward but is never taught to share and include.

As a famous person once said, "you are either with me or with the enemy." This doctrine is not far from the hearts of many people. Perhaps they might not agree with the statement when it comes to politics, but I assure you, look around, and you will see it in abundance in everyday life.

We then bemoan about not having enough time to do all the things we wish we could do. We are more than ready to sacrifice our humanity for money because that is what many of us were taught to focus on. Some of us will work ten, twelve and sometimes fourteen hours a day, not because we need to, but because we have trained ourselves that this is the right way to show that we are dedicated to our work.

Of course there are people who genuinely work because there is no alternative for them to survive. But most of us look at work as a competition that we have to win.

That is the fruition of the learned behavior that we took from our childhood in school. We are graded in school, not to see what subjects we excel at, and thus should focus on - we are graded to see which of us has the ability to learn the system the fastest and thus ensure a better chance of survival in the work environment.

We are even often told that some things naturally present in one person's personality can be taught to others, rather than to celebrate our diversity. The new buzz word in business circles and at universities is ‘entrepreneurship'.

Some people actually believe they can teach this as a skill. What can be taught is the thought process and how to hone the skills by someone who has it in him or her, and gets paid to teach it. What cannot be taught is how to be an entrepreneur. So we learn yet another idea that will encourage us to compete even more for money, and that will ultimately result in us failing to focus on, or care about, humanity.

It is said that money is the root of all evil. I would contend that it is not money but the spirit of greed that money invokes that is the root of evil. Because if we allow acquiring things to be our goal in life, we lose vision of what is truly more important - ourselves.

Nov 19, 2008

5Sc3 1989 SMKE VII Taiping

I have very short memories :), as when my former classmates offering the picture of us back in 1989...then only I realized that I had many friends. (Thanks Hassan for the picture)

Above is the classmates of 5Sc3 1989 of Sek. Men. King Edward VII, Taiping, Perak with Cikgu Zaini Mohd Zain as our class teacher, who also teaching Basic Chemistry. This 'sport' oriented school(rugby to be precise) recently celebrated its 125th birthday

I do remember some of them....but at same time I wonder where all have gone. Maybe it is high time to have a re-union

Nov 13, 2008

failure is just another episode in life

I have failed to secure a project which costing up to RM30 Million, while the payment of consultancy fees about 5% of it.. luxury indeed if succeed in first place. But then, this is business, sometime you succeed, most of the time you failed...I would rather enjoy all the thing I have learned and reflects it in your life (muhasabah) , rather than blaming others.

Personally, this culinary project has taken some of my time and effort, which I should instead focusing on my PhD.

nevertheless it doesn't stop me from achieving what I have planned in my life!!!! maybe I will get later, slowly but surely

the best hikmah is when this failure has impacted to a person by showing off his other side of his attitude... here some of nice meaning which taken from SM Salim song

Kusangka aur di pinggir tebing
Kiranya tebu di pinggir bibir
Kusangka jujur pancaran batin
Rupanya palsu penghias zahir
Kukira hati jiwa nurani
Suci seindah wajah terbayang
Ku kira puji seikhlas budi
Kulupa lidah tidak bertulang
Dimanis gula semut binasa
Kail berduri bersalut umpan
Dimanis kata insan terlena
Kerana budi hamba terkorban
Inikah dia lakonan hidup
Dipentas dunia insan berpura
Tipu dan daya pencapai maksud
Budi dan harta merangkum noda
Failure is nothing as we should learned from mistakes and strategize ourselves how to become better person tomorrow, as we should better from yesterday.. (hey, I think I am quite good in Organizational Behavior now :)

Nov 5, 2008

Lost and Found (...of friendships)

Last raya (Oct08) I had a chance to renewed my frienships with some of my classmates (KE 5Sc3 1989) while some others simply .....nombor yang anda dail tiada dalam perkhidmatan.... which make me clueless, while a call to the office informed that he has resigned..

But today, I received an e-mail of long-lost friends, of Ahmad Amin Sulaiman, that way back in 1984 (24years ago). I am very happy person today :)

Nevertheless, while most of us are still in the 'growth curve' in our career, having a short meeting or reunion or some sort might be bit difficult.... therefore, bear it in mind, until we met again, please do not lose the contact :)