Nov 28, 2007

Food - The definitions

I have written various issues, let's go to the basic - which should be my first
Food are define as anything, everything that can be consumed, eating and drinking, as long is edible and for Muslim - must be halal. While the objective is to provide energy and maintenance of body.

There are plenty of food in this world, a normal one would be fish and seafood, beef and lamb, poultry, birds and games, vegetarian food for vegan. Under special category of exotics like Korean with their dogs meat, Japanese with their Puff's fish; despite known poisonous, others are caviar, frog's legs (available at Ampang wet market), turtles soups, alligator meat, kangaroo and ostrich, and sometimes insects and rodents.

So, which one you like to have?

The Halal Food Concepts

The halal concepts, are topics that is very close to me. Being Chef, there are a lot of questions yet to be answered. I also sometimes have doubts of our "well-known" HALAL-JAKIM logos. Hey, don't blame me, Malaysia after all having all sorts of advance regulations and law, yet when it come to implementing it...hancus (gone with the wind).

  1. As for start, the halal concepts lies in the ingredients itself. In the early years of working, I would love to have the fruits cakes, which provided free as snacks by my employer. I stopped, after "accidentally" found that during the process, RUM is used, as to flavor and moisten the dried fruits, hence longer expiry date!

  2. As for animal, it must be slaughtered according to Islamic ritual (halal requirements). While I have no doubts in beef/lamb, which are slaughtered accordingly with licence and controlled abattoir. But for chicken, this is not the case, most chicken are sold in market, cleaned. where and who slaughter it? I always wonder why chicken nowadays are tasteless and their meat are like some plastics fibre, so, I try this "organic chicken", then my confidence being restored. It taste sweet, bones as hard as I remember those days, when only "orang tua aje boleh makan"
There are various issues in this topics, being involve in food industry, I would like to continue discussing this, for sure.