May 22, 2008

From Parliament to Selangor State Legislature

Picture taken from kidding, I am near to corridors of power lately :)

2008 should be as a reminder and be rememebered in my life as I had a chance of lifetime? A parliament visit in earlier entry in my blogs, then a visit to Selangor State Legislature... hey, dont worry.. I am not going to join the political party anytime soon, though I realized some of my blood are made from there, as my previous uncles and descendants.... I prefer being as now, an instructor and a chef ;)

So here I am visiting a friend, now an EXCO... along the way saw YB Ronnie Liu and YB Teresa Kok....hmm, wonder where is Tan Sri Khalid...

The result of these visitation was this questions..."so, rashi..when you going to be the "setiausaha sulit" of some EXCO's if not MP's"....and some even worse.. "any potential business or project"
well, as I mentioned before I am just normal human being and I enjoy myself as now, what I am doing there is to visit a friend, perhaps as a voter, nothing more :)

so, here are some my personal collections...

Water, the basics of life

Water..everyone knows its importance. Its the basics where the human is derived and attach permanently to it.

As you grow, you need a lot of water for consumption and health, as drinking 2 liter of water a day could save your life and ensuring the body functions normally.

Do you know that, while we are in our mother womb, the water is flowing and it sound like waterfall...that why if you children is crying, bringing near to waterfall will sooth them as they feel safe as in their mother wombs :)

today I would like to share some stories about water ....

water plays an important part in my life back in 2001-2005, all by accidents. I was with an educational institute, where my employer are a strong believer in this "feng-shui". Interesting enough, I never had a thought on this matter, so back to to the story, My employer would hired a 'business consultant" or feng-shui master, normally during the period of chinese new year, together with lion-dance performance

being the No.2 person in this company, the fengshui master will go around my table and asked my birthdate etc.etc. ...and then looking at the "fengshui compass", then, he asked me to put any elements of water, if possible flowing...and it must be located behind me.. so, taking his advice, I just promise I will do it soon enough.

A week gone, and what I can find is a few pictures of waterfall from previous calendar, which I cut and paste nicely on the wall behind me.....

well, my luck was on my side, the company improved further under my stewardships (opps, I forget to tell, the company I was working previously was in red and losing financially) and business are coming while we are very prudent in our account.

I am not sure whether it was the water elements or due to our hardworks and great team we had..but the 5 years there was among the best experience I ever had.

Fast forward, whenever I look at the waterfalls, it soothe me and I would rather I am now enjoying some free 20m3 free water from Selangor Government :) thanks

I hope you will enjoy some of picture of waterfall below here, the Lata Kinjang, located in Tapah, Perak. I do remember having picnic there, and my daughter speak her first words - "ayer
picture taken from reezal album

May 6, 2008

The Day I Visit The Parliament

Frankly I never been to parliament...and I don't remember any during my schooldays. So when I received information that my presentation will be at the August House, wow..another chapter of my life

So, here I was, chauffeured driven to the place.

As my schedule meeting at 1230noon, still ample time....only to realize that my digital camera was left in the car.....hmm, great lifetime opportunity gone to waste hahaha:)

My mind is to find someone, or the Yang Berhormat and to shake hands with them such as Zulkifli Nordin, or take picture with Nurul Izzah and her mother, Datin Seri Azizah etc etc

I am dreaming....instead it was Dato Shabery Chik, Tan Sri Muhammad Taib and Dato Mustapa Mohamed..hmm
off all the people in this world....opps I do miss with Nasharuddin Mat Isa..merely two seconds, as he open the door while I am going the opposite direction..aisey... but settling with Ustaz Taib Azamuddin, the former Imam of National Mosque makes me smile. ( all these persona look amused as I am quite sure in their mind; who is the fella walking around and shakes hands with them.. hahaha:)

Following the arguments with MP from Muar...I always impressed with his orator skills indeed

Interesting to find those people and I ended my session with briefing from Salahudin Ayub on Bernas and Food Issue in Malaysia.

There more; the next meeting was more intellectual challenges as I was asked by my superior to follow him - with the Secretary of Dewan Negara - indeed a fine men amongst the government servant; where we had a session of knowing and sharing knowledge on many issue - education, morality, agriculture and system...cracking my head as my thinking makes me sitting quitely behind my superior :)

well..overall it is indeed a new experience for me, objectively our proposal was also being accepted... exhausted as I reached back my office at 7pm, but these are some of my experiential learning process

May 3, 2008

Waiting List and Another Assignments...

It has been 5 month to exact... as I am focusing on a kitchen project; whilst the document is ready and the budget has been calculated, now the only thing needed is the endorsement.

simple yet very far; just like a song by Zainal Abidin: Ikhlas tapi jauh....

the meeting is scheduled to be on Wednesday of second week of May 2008. Could I realize the ambitions?

Frankly, this is my second attempt of planning to go there, while the first was in 2005..which was cancelled as my life and soul gone haywired... and now in 2008, I am looking forward to be there once if not twice.

As I am waiting patiently for the occasion; I have given another project - which I am happy to complete it in 7 days :)

FYI- This is my work-life as Chef -Consultant; which I blog soon: life as Chef never been boring as focusing only in the kitchen and cooking alone, as I have involved in many projects - i.e. kitchen development, restaurant business turnaround and academic syllabus and curriculum development. see yaa soon