May 3, 2008

Waiting List and Another Assignments...

It has been 5 month to exact... as I am focusing on a kitchen project; whilst the document is ready and the budget has been calculated, now the only thing needed is the endorsement.

simple yet very far; just like a song by Zainal Abidin: Ikhlas tapi jauh....

the meeting is scheduled to be on Wednesday of second week of May 2008. Could I realize the ambitions?

Frankly, this is my second attempt of planning to go there, while the first was in 2005..which was cancelled as my life and soul gone haywired... and now in 2008, I am looking forward to be there once if not twice.

As I am waiting patiently for the occasion; I have given another project - which I am happy to complete it in 7 days :)

FYI- This is my work-life as Chef -Consultant; which I blog soon: life as Chef never been boring as focusing only in the kitchen and cooking alone, as I have involved in many projects - i.e. kitchen development, restaurant business turnaround and academic syllabus and curriculum development. see yaa soon

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