Sep 30, 2008

The Feast for The Eyes - Presentation of 4001 - one

Here some of the pictures taken from 4001 class, more will be coming insya'allah, as I found the uploading of pictures is damn slow

this is a creative way in presenting the caramel

Sep 26, 2008

Exam Week FSM 3003

Here are the questions

1.To prepare a production below, using the chicken thigh as supplied


Seasoning and Dredging

Pan-fried the chicken

2. To prepare a side-salad utilizing the vegetables as provided

3.To prepare a Rice products or Pasta Products or Potato Products of your own choice as side starch

4.To prepare a 250ml of mushroom sauce from the demi-glass provided

Prepare 100gm brown roux

5.To combine and presented all the product from questions No. 1 to question No. 4, in a plate with your own creativity

Sep 16, 2008

Hariri's Buka Puasa - the Location Map

Dear Hariri's

It will be on 23rd September, should start around 7pm

Sorry for the date change, but the response is so overwhelming

Here the Place: Food 6 - Food Preparation Complex ( Next to UPM's Convention Centre, Opposite UPM Stadium. coded as GREEN COLOR here, just next to it

If you are coming from Seremban-KL highway, exit to UPM toll, take left - the UPM main road, on the first junction, take left to the end another left towards stadium (coded as green color here), then another left is the Convention Centre, we are at behind.

If you are from LDP, exit to Serdang, immediately take left to UPM using Silicone Bypass, after the Guard's House, turn right (Convention Centre)

Sep 14, 2008

Halal Chicken..a never ending story

The doubt of Halal of Chicken sold in Hypermarket

I have a chance to discuss the issue, with industry player. It was informed that the majority chicken sold in hypermarkets has been mixed with both halal and non-halal utilizing the same packaging with 'halal' logo

I thought we are self-sufficient in chicken supply, obviously we are not.

So be extra careful, as the chicken sold there is in away much cheaper, but end of the day, you might ended eating "bangkai"

Get your chicken from your known supplier, stick to them or else get the 'organic chicken'

Updates & Updates

Yup, I Know I haven't updating my blogs...well, the truth is I have move in to my new house, which also means I am losing all "free" facilities including water, electricity, security (gated community?) and internet connections :) whixh resulted in neglecting my own blog..hmm
Nevertheless, I am thankful to God, as there always a better choice if you stay in your own house...
Back to is my new toys..a broadband modem, definately I will updates my blogs
starting with my UPM's undergrads food presentation....
see ya