Jan 21, 2010

My New Found Hobby

I am now having 2 new toys to play with. It cost me quite some - expensive and expandsive- but I believe it will be worthwhile investment.

The first was a mountain bike - Orbea Scape, which aims as my tools for exercise. It was lighter than my training bike (nexus) by 4kg, which resulted to better speeding ability. The nexus, which was bought 3 month earlier now turned as training bike a.k.a leisure riding with my kids.

I have dream a good bicycle since childhood, but never afford to have any so I am happy with whatever I had previously. Once I even race the bicycle with better and expensive RB owned by my classmates, obviously I won :) it is not about expensive equipment but rather the will and proper training.

I love the road/racing bike and still remember when I upgraded the RB with stainless steel fork costing 18ringgit, way much cheaper than my over 1k fork I am attaching to my orbea nowadays. I also still remember, riding a MTB while going for teaching at a University back in 1996.

After 14 years leaving this sport, yet I have not lost the skills but only the stamina.

Under tutelage of my neighbour - Chief Khalid - for the first time in my life, I went for off-road last week. Utilizing my training bikes (which upgraded for the purspose) I manage to cover 32km and being guided to all version of road available - single track, gravel, road, cement, sandy and earth and lastly flood... yup, flooding up my my waist.Now, I am addicted and surely it will be off the road on weekly basis riding my new orbea which equipped with Manitour Seven Fork, Shimano Deore System ncluding RD, FD and disc-break. I am now ready to rumble (visit my white-mtb blog for updates on bicycling)
The second equipment is a DSLR. I still remember with my first camera which I bought while I was in form two (secondary school) more than 25yrs ago, followed by a 35mm. While I was studying culinary, I always targeted my eldest sister's - Minolta- DSLR for picture taking whenever she allowed.. so I became unofficial photopgrapher for my university classmates. That almost 20 years ago. This was followed a digicam bought in 2008.
Now I call it as the revenge time so I bought the D90 with 18-200mm lenses, 50mm 1.8 lenses and some other equipment. At first I thought I will getting the basics, since my wife agreed to chip-in together, it was a breakthrough. Now I hope I will getting some guidance from my hariri's clan, as to improved further my photography skills , then I might starting photoblog.

I guess 20 years of waiting is worthwhile........, okay have to go now for riding and shooting.

Jan 6, 2010

Which The Better DSLR

I have done the survey and window shopping while finding the best price.

The first two picture is Panasonic GF1 costing around RM3200+1000 for the lens that I wanted, while the other two is Nikon D90 costing RM4200 including the kit lens.

So the price is identical, now where is the money?

I love panasonic since I am using a similar brand digicam already. The best part it uses Leica lenses, a leader in camera and lenses, and I am satisfied with the picture churned out from the camera. Well you may argue on the lenses. For me, if I have enough money I will buy Leica Camera instead. So at this moment it goes back to to basics in economy...alternative buy.

While D90 is definately the bestbuy as the quality is far more superior.

One issue between these two are the size.

The GF1 is slightly bigger than normal digicam, some may even thought is just another digicam. Since I travelled a lot lately and near future, this should be the most suitable for me.

While D90 offered the picture quality, and its professional outlook definately another advantages.

Upgrading issue on the lenses? I am not worried about getting different specs on the lenses, since nowadays it is quite easy to get one so it is more on budgeting perspective.

I am more confused on which the better for me...the issue on size and overall quality does require some kind of opinion and professional advice.

As a Chef I more towards taking picture on food and its details apart of potrait of my kids, family and of course the scenery while I goes cycling :)

By the way I am planning to procure the camera before CNY, care to advice and suggestions?