Jan 6, 2010

Which The Better DSLR

I have done the survey and window shopping while finding the best price.

The first two picture is Panasonic GF1 costing around RM3200+1000 for the lens that I wanted, while the other two is Nikon D90 costing RM4200 including the kit lens.

So the price is identical, now where is the money?

I love panasonic since I am using a similar brand digicam already. The best part it uses Leica lenses, a leader in camera and lenses, and I am satisfied with the picture churned out from the camera. Well you may argue on the lenses. For me, if I have enough money I will buy Leica Camera instead. So at this moment it goes back to to basics in economy...alternative buy.

While D90 is definately the bestbuy as the quality is far more superior.

One issue between these two are the size.

The GF1 is slightly bigger than normal digicam, some may even thought is just another digicam. Since I travelled a lot lately and near future, this should be the most suitable for me.

While D90 offered the picture quality, and its professional outlook definately another advantages.

Upgrading issue on the lenses? I am not worried about getting different specs on the lenses, since nowadays it is quite easy to get one so it is more on budgeting perspective.

I am more confused on which the better for me...the issue on size and overall quality does require some kind of opinion and professional advice.

As a Chef I more towards taking picture on food and its details apart of potrait of my kids, family and of course the scenery while I goes cycling :)

By the way I am planning to procure the camera before CNY, care to advice and suggestions?


Rahman Hariri said...

If I want to buy blender or washing machine and vacuum, I would definitely go for Panasonic!


Rashi Hariri said...

Dear Abg Man

FYI- Panasonic enter strategic collaboration with Leica years ago after a failed attempt to bought the camera company. From there, camera several models are being introduce.

Similarly SONY corp. bought over a brand and use the technology to build SONY camera.

As I mentioned, if I have enough money, I may getting Leica instead. So now I found the alternative, its no harm to compare.

Only thing I need feedback especially those using D90 or GF1.