Jul 6, 2009

TV Shooting

preparing the props

I had a rare 'live' TV appearance and two magazine write ups in 2004, objectively to promote culinary program.

the university's cafe as the studio
Yesterday it was a full shooting and will be considered as my first full TV appearance. The program which will be aired for TV2 morning segment, somewhere in August 2009 under Healthy Diet Food

I will be cooking a family recipe; the homemade mackerel fish ball and sugar-less fruit bread. Both are suitable for diabetic, hyper-tension patients as well as those who have fever ( as fever are quite popular nowadays :)
Being my first TV shooting, I must say I am not satisfied as I am not familiar to the process which my cooking may a bit boring and stagnant; as compared to normal class session which is always cheerful and full of laugh... perasan haha

the sugar-less fruit bread

I hope to improved my 'acting' skills' as I can expect more TV appearance after this, so please watch my program. By the way, a new magazine write-up will be published soon on being a cafe owner as well an article will be presented in United States end of this month...hmm what a life