Aug 12, 2010

The Roasted Venison

the roasted venison for "sahur", anyone?
Venison can describe meat of any mammal killed by hunting. It was originally applied to any animal from the families Cervidae (deer), Leporidae (hares), and Suidae (wild pigs), and certain species of the genus Capra (goats and ibex), such as elk, red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, moose, reindeer/caribou, pronghorn, brown hare, arctic hare, blue hare, wild boar, and ibex, but its usage is now almost entirely restricted to the flesh of various species of deer. In Southern Africa venison is the meat of antelope. (wikipedia, last visited: 12 Aug)

I got a chance to have a roasted venison for my lunch recently prepared by a team of chefs. I do cautious on my red meat intake, nevertheless, the taste is awesome and I even manage to packed it for my family, which later taken during their first day of sahur* :)

*Sahur; the early breakfast, obligated to be taken before the start of fasting for the whole day during ramadhan month

Aug 9, 2010

DSLR Training

In my previous entry, I have informed about my toys which include 2 mountain bikes and a DSLR equipped with 18mm-200mm, 50mm and a flash. It was  a great investment as I was fast moving into sports fotography not to mentioned the food as well.

As I gradually improving myself, attending a training or two in fotography became one of the agenda for this year. I immediately register the two-days Nikon in-house training. the fees was reasonable if compare to other training offered, and the best part is the focusing on D90 cameras.

The first day training was focusing on button and gadget available on the D90. While the second day focusing the shutter, aperture and ISO, ways of manipulation of lights, the lenses and obviously the object, subjects etc.etc

I must say it was a great journey and I love it every single moment....

If compare to mtbiking, the SLR is much cheaper...if combined both....there a very expensive hobby indeed, nevertheless you are invited to see some of my pictures at and I am improving fast on every single shot :)