Dec 18, 2007

The Army's Food "Rangsum"

Have you ever tasted the army's packet food ? The 'food-pack' is 'a-must-for-each-personnel' in the army as they being called to the tour of duty.

I do remember in 80's, we used to be supplied with the army packet food, as some of my relatives are in the army and the police field force. The best always the instant noodles, some of the biscuits and of course - the small cooking compartment with compressed oil are being supplied together.

Fast-forward - the food now have been improved as the technology -the food are packed in aluminium sachet (pouches), 'ready-to-eat' and some even use dehydrated ingredients and sealed further using secondary plastic packaging, which I assume that is for moisture protection. (by the way, this time cannot find the cooking compartment)

Nowadays, I think the mentioned packed food are difficult to obtain (well I am civilian, I am not sure actually; how to get those from the army), since any food contractor are obliged/compulsory to supply cooked food or fresh ingredients to any latitude and longitude in Malaysia, including out to the sea as informed by the Royal Navy Chefs which I had the opportunity to trained them, back in 2003-2005. (Malaysia are not that big anyway, plus our forest have fast becoming into oil palm estates!!)

Nevertheless here are some of the menu 4; Fish curry, vegetable soups, crackers, sugar, salt, chicken curry, mixed vege, beef kurma, sweet and sour fish, pajeri nenas, bubur pulut hitam, bubur gandum, pineapple in syrups, tea bag, coffee, matches, fruit jams - that is packed for a person, perhaps I estimated for one to two weeks supply?

So my menu today was fish curry - right from the packet (only to found the quantity is insufficeint for my family, therefore - some adjustments and voila - the fish head curry :)

updated with the pictures (27th Dec)

L-R: The mobile stove and the fuel, the rangsum and its packaging before and after opening - luxury food for one person?
FYI -why its being called 'rangsum' - the meaning in the dictionary mentioned as "rations"; the stated amount to be provided to each person (during state of emergency, or to army personnel)