Apr 29, 2008

Food Crisis, Halal Crisis

As I am just coming back from visiting one of hypermarket in Kelana Jaya, it was a shocked indeed as the price of rice is gone up, example a particular is previously around RM19.00, now is RM26.00; whereas the cheapest was at RM23 instead of RM16. (All price indicate for 10kg)

I do my own asssumption that the price is expected to increase further between RM5-10, and to be stabilize in June.

Today STAR newspaper extracted Sharir Samad, The Minister of Consumer Affair as his is quote among other, advising people to have moderate life, save and perhaps reduce the rice consumption....another projek BN

Nevertheless, here more interesting.

HDC or Halal Development Corporation is taking over the Application of Halal Certification from JAKIM (The Islamic Development Dept)

The Persatuan Ulama Malaysia (Islamic Scholar), Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (islamic consumer association) has submit the objection on the matter to HDC

wonder why?

from now on, the process of Halal certification will be handled by a company lead by non-muslim

How could it be, when a non-muslim handles muslim requirement, as if they know about the needs of Muslims?

perhaps you could get the answer from the person in-charge of these nonsense-Khairy Jamaluddin, the son-in-law of PakLah

All because of $$$$$$$$$$

And there goes our food and halal food....another project BN

Good Luck to all Malaysian and Malaysian Muslim, me included...

may be I should balik kampung, rear my own chicken and plant my own paddy/ rice..hmm as if I have that kind of land back in Taiping???

Apr 26, 2008

Embracing Food Price Hikes.. Are You Ready?

Its a promised, and coming soon .... no I am not discussing about death or tax, another 2 "promised" but this promises is making you a walking zombies

1) The price of rice has reached to the highest in history.. wow, should we "makan ubi kayu, macam zaman Jepun dulu?"
2) Government is discussing the diesel new price... what?
3) the petrol has reached USD117 and expected to go up further...great for Petronas
4) Our economy is slowing down..great for 5 alternative government
5) Government cannot afford to RM2000 one-off gratuity to its employees..buying RM200 million executive jet its okay
6) some government think-tank has informed, price of food is worldwide phenomenon, not just in Malaysia....yeah correct, correct, correct.. good examples indeed, how about our salary, not the same with the rest of the world

This are some of the fact, furthermore

6) Thailand promise to fulfilled its rice exporting, while India is banning such business
7) US economy showing deterioration in its economy..similar to post Vietnam War


In Malaysia, we may facing the Government is seriously looking forward to increase the price of diesel.

What it means, every single thing will increase, you have the experience already since 30cents increased previously.

and to make it worse, this time the diesel price is the generator of all business activities ..hence another round of food price increments. This will diminishing our purchasing power - We have the money, but since all the price of food has gone up, RM100 may use to buy few things only, as almost to be meaningless to have money during that "period of time". Some estimated this scenarios are expected to happen starting middle of this year and continue up to 24 month, depending on economic strategies and stimulus by the government

So my advice, if you have money...controlled it, forget about changing new cars or luxury vacation, save as to be safe here and there...hmm, I have to secure 2nd job now :)

The issue is whether we are ready... as we have to face the consequences like it or not

Good Luck to me and you

Apr 20, 2008

Food Pyramid: A Guide towards healthy lifestyle

Food Pyramid is known as guide towards a balance diet and subsequently a healthy lifestyle. Food in Malaysia is aplenty and became of the luxury enjoyed by many people here, as the ingredients are cheap and affordable. Above here is the new pyramid concepts which I have found yet to gain its momentun in this country - as we still very much refer the old brick-style pyramid

Nevertheless the old or new pyramid , the amount of food intake are vary among individuals, here are some advice such as:

1) focusing on high-fibre food
2) minimize the sugar and salt contents
3) maximum 3 meals if not twice a day
4) while maintaining the water and fruits in daily diets..

that remind me of a friend, Mr Tan - who manages to get rid about 10kgs in month, by just avoiding dinner and replacing it with 100% fruits as snacks...yup, you read it right, he lost 10kgs!!!!

The most important in the graphics shown above is the figure of climbing a stairs - indicate the excercise

That is the major issue of Malaysian - plenty of food yet lack of exercise

so that why the statistics indicate as we are among the highest in term of heart and diabetic disease related.

so let go exercise....and that could be as simple as walking around for 30 minutes continously.

Apr 19, 2008

Food Stock and Security

In my earlier entry - the food as strategic asset and / or business, among other argue the staple food could be the formidable weapon by people against the government. Today, Malaysiakini coming with a report

PM: 'Food security' policy in the works
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today announced that the government was in the midst of formulating a policy to ensure adequate supply of essential food in the near future.

In some of my lecture, one of my popular jokes was about Malaysia in "War". Assuming we have an army invading towards our country, the "battle scenario" is bit different from what you have seen in cinemas like Rambo, combat or real-life like Iraq & Afganistan.

There will no single shot will be fired, let alone a bomb will be drop in our country

What is happening is actually, the blockade of incoming food and related ingredients to Malaysia.

After 3 days Malaysian doesn't have their "normal dose" of roti canai and teh tarik... that's it....war is over :)

These may only jokes, but the reality is, Malaysia is depending to much; importing food from others, from basic - rice, sugar and flour to vegetables and processed food. When PM Abdullah takes over the premierships, the only policy I agreed upon was the "Agriculture is Business" policy which makes the agriculture as important as any other sector.

As we makes and develop ourselves to be more independent in terms of food supply, then strategically we are safe from any kind pressure, both internal and external elements.

As this topic is on the food stock, I am worried of the current policy which indicates that we have 2-3 weeks stock for rice. That is really short indeed as rice can be stored up to a year (in proper condition)

More prudent and deeper analysis is required as to look on how to increase the food stock, which normally begin with a policy; and it shall include information from all the stakeholders such as as farmers, logistics, financial supporting, farming technology and sustainable production.

I hope the government are serious enough...

Perpaduan Melayu: Mengapa Sekarang?

Isu perpaduan Melayu, apa benarkah Melayu berpecah atau orang Melayu sendiri tidak pernah ambil peduli atau dipedulikan sebelum ini?

Kenapa, apabila 5% "swing' undi mereka kepada parti yang lain, maka isu ini ditimbulkan?

Kenapa, semasa mereka yang berlambang keris ini, semasa berkuasa, hanya mementingkan perut dan bawah perut mereka sendiri, sedangkan rakyat - orang Melayu amnya, majoriti masih ditakuk lama?

Kenapa, semasa mereka yang berlambangkan keris, semasa berkuasa, menarik balik kelebihan subsidi Makanan UiTM, sehingga pelajar di situ terpaksa membeli makanan sendiri, atau kenapa ada ura-ura yuran pengajian UiTM akan dimansuhkan subsidinya dan semua bayaran adalah sama seperti lain-lain Universiti (akan dilaksana selepas PRU12..hmm)- dalam masa yang sama mengatakan kononnya UiTM adalaah benteng terakhir umat Melayu? sedangkan kita tahu pelajar UiTM yang majoritinya masih dihuni oleh mereka yang belum mampu...berhutanglah lagi dengan PTPTN, lulus dan kerja belum tentu...hidup dikunci dengan hutang sahaja, kalau ingin belajar sepanjang hayat..hutang pun sepanjang hayat

Kenapa, tiada biasiswa atau bantuan untuk orang-orang miskin tapi layak melanjutkan pelajaran yang umumnya orang Melayu?

Kenapa majoriti pemimpin keris itu dapat menggunakan kereta mewah - Harrier, Mercedez dan BMW, sedangkan rakyat marhaen hanya berodakan dua tayar atau kereta proton sahaja, apa besar sangatkah gaji seorang ADUN, Ahli Parlimen dan Senator?

adakah kerana mereka memimpin, maka mereka layak kepada semua kantung dan tabung-tabung kerajaan?, sedangkan rakyat diminta bekerja dua atau tiga jawatan dalam sehari (part-time job) hanya untuk membeli susu dan beras yang kini melambung tinggi

Atau, kenapa wang royalti PETRONAS diganti dengan wang ehsan (minta sedekah) kerana Melayu memang miskin, semasa keris itu memerintah? atau duit diguna untuk membina masjid yang tidak boleh solat jumaat di dalamnya....hmm, baik jadi surau aje :)

Pemimpin keris yang ketakutan terlepas jawatan, kuasa, wang dan nafsu yang tidak pernah cukup, kini ingin berbicara tentang perpaduan Melayu

Dunia ..dunia... penuh penipuan, dan penipuan terkini ialah atas nama perpaduan melayu

itu baru 5% "swing", kalau lebih? bagaimana agaknya

tunggulah pulak bila inflasi dan kelembapan ekonomi melanda negara....perpaduan Melayu konon

Forrest Gump coming to Malaysia?

Photos from Forrest Gump

Not exactly, instead it will be the theme restaurant opening soon. I hope it will offer the best menu on shrimp / prawn .....Oh, another franchise business, another food offering in Malaysia, we are indeed full of choice of food Nevermind.. It just remind me of those good movie

"The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant and Market is a chain of seafood restaurants inspired by the 1994 film Forrest Gump. Launched in 1996 by Viacom Consumer Products (part of Viacom, which also owns Paramount Pictures, the distributor of Forrest Gump) and the Rusty Pelican Company, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. became the first theme restaurant inspired by a film. As of 2007, it had 28 locations in United States, Mexico, and eastern countries of Asia. The first one opened up in Monterey, CA. The restaurant is named after the movie's main characters Benjamin Bufford "Bubba" Blue and Forrest Gump who talked about going into shrimping business" wikipedia

Quote " Life is like a box of chocolate, You will never know what you will get next"

Apr 18, 2008

Food as Strategic Asset and / or Business

Food, the basis in Maslow's hierarchy, the basic need of mankind. Do you know that some of Malaysia's billionaire are in food business; let see some example

Sugar = Tan Sri Robert Kuok
Flour = Tan Sri Mokhtar Al Bukhory
Rice and Bread = Bernas (Tans Sri Mokhtar & Datuk Shahidan Kassim - Bernas /Gardenia)

Other commodity such as Palm Oil Plantations has provided handsome dividend to those who invest and popular / the main core business with some of the blue chip company such Guthrie, IOI group, PPB groups. These company has been in the radar for institutional investment such as from PNB and EPF.

As in smaller business perspective, Food is always associated and perceived as the easiest business to handle while providing up to 300% ROI by opening a catering or restaurant entity

Most of the these basic commodity are under controlled; in term of economics - Monopoly or oligopoly (very few players in strategic business)

the recent hike in worldwide market of Rice and Flour are largely blamed on shifting of weather - La Nina or El Nino, similar concepts of blaming god..the easiest way out indeed. But one need to understand the concept of everything require fossil fuel; so it could be the petroleum as the main culprit for the recent commodity / basic food hikes.

Back to monopoly; since the government has given the AP's (approved permit: similar to a licence; same process of bringing imported cars in Malaysia) to very selected few, perhaps this the time Malaysian Govt showing some genuine effort to Rakyat in solving the issue of inflation, by offering a strict controlled of price.. sugar, rice, flour, milk for a start as the inflation will make every single Rakyat suffer; and up to extend another "French Revolution". All due to the basic again; Food

Malaysian, may be the most discipline people on earth; in term of being patience of everything.. but not towards food!!!!

Looking at the current management of Malaysia under Pak Lah, I doubt, since he is more business oriented than Rakyat oriented, meaning he will give everything businessmen wanted than taking care the Rakyat.

Back to those billionaire I mentioned, perhaps this is time some of them, doing the national duties, offering some discount while gaining the profit a bit less than expected, not to the extend losing the business

I realize, things have written here is bit futuristic, while Malaysia have only 2-3week stockpile of rice, soon, the it will require to be replenish.. then those commodity have to be bought at the current price, obviously at higher price and these price will be absorb by the customer, like it or not.

Take for example, the price of bread has been increased to 20-50cents recently without a single objection or statement from Minister in-charge - Shahrir Samad

I thought after the recent elections, at least the govt are learning something, but Paklah being Paklah... soon, food will be used as the strategic weapons to denied him permanently as PM of Malaysia
Shall I keep on dreaming?
FYI - "french revolution" among other was started due to difficulty of people to get piece of bread, which the staple food there, whereas Rice is the staple of Malaysian and many parts of Asia. Could the price hike and shortage of rice lead to another revolution? One need to re-look the history.

Apr 11, 2008

Food Testing

Today I got a chance to assists in a food testing. Simple tea-break food/ snack food were prepared, with help from 2 other students

Here is the menu - Deep-fried Spring Roll, Marinated Chicken Boxing, Meehun Siam, Kueh Melayu, PulutManis Bakar and Fruits. Enjoy the some of the picture

Apa Ertinya Saya Menganut Islam?

"....lalu beliau mengingatkan saya kepada satu persitiwa ngeri dan menyayat hati yang pernah berlaku di Subang Jaya pada 13 Febuari 1998.Saya kebetulan tahu akan kisah itu. Ianya berkenaan pembunuhan sepasang suami -isteri dan bayi mereka, Allahyarham Ibrahim dan isterinya Solehah serta bayi mereka berusia 5 bulan telah dibunuh dengan kejam. Mereka berdua ini adalah keturunan India dan dari keluarga Hindu dan Kristian. Ditakdirkan Allah swt mereka menerima hidayah lalu memeluk Islam. Berpuluh aduan telah mereka buat samada kepada pihak polis mahupun JAIS tentang ancaman terhadap mereka oleh keluarga mereka yang tidak dapat menerima keputusan mereka memeluk Islam.Ringkaskan cerita, setelah berpindah-randah dan bersembunyi dari setempat ke setempat (termasuk disembunyikan oleh sahabat ini tadi), akhirnya pada malam itu kedua-dua pasangan ini dan bayi mereka yang tidak berdosa telah dibunuh dengan kejam ketika tinggal dalam sebuah kontena berhampiran Bandar Sunway.Saya masih ingat seorang Imam yang telah menyempurnakan mayat Ibrahim ada menyatakan banyaknya kesan tetakkan ke atas tubuh Allahyarham termasuklah dikelar-kelar dengan lambang salib ditubuhnya.Kes ini sehingga hari ini tidak diketahui siapa pembunuhnya!..."

di ambil dari

Masih segar di ingatan cerita ini, dimana keluarga itu ketika sudah dikafan dan dibawa ke liang lahat, darah masih mengalir panas seolah baru sahaja mati

begitulah keluarga Sumayah & Yasir moden; yang berlaku di zaman teknologi and maju kononnya

Mereka pastinya mati beriman, mempertahankan agama yang tercinta biarpun baru mengenali agama itu

kekadang tertanya juga, yang empunya diri dilahirkan dengan agama suci ini, mampu memberikan sumbangan pada agama atau mempertahankan seperti Keluarga Ibrahim ini

Apr 8, 2008

Mee Combat, between Pasembur and rojak?

Here another speciality in Taiping. Ever heard the "Combat Movie"? Now TV1 is airing them again under slot RETRO. So far I haven't manage to watch them, since the timing is bit late as I need to wake up early.

Nevertheless, I believe there is only one COMBAT Noodles in Malaysia, obviously located in my hometown. Nothing special, just a mamak mee, only the preparation is rather quick - combative style :).
If you got I chance, tryout this - order kiawtiaw goreng + satay there, and you will please with the taste

Another favorite is pasembor - another authentic mamak food avaialable. Don't get confuse with rojak, as pasembor are more lighter in-term of ingredients. What is the major difference between the two - is the sauce, Pasembor used sweet-mix chilli sauce, while Rojak is peanut sauce. The price is only RM3 per plate...yummy

The Popiah Making

How to make a popiah?

here is step by step which were taken by me while making a pit-stop at Taiping recently

The first picture shows the layer of popiah skin, followed by a spread of sweet chilli sauce, then the bean-sprout, "steamed-sengkuang"(sweet turnip / chinese turnip), a dash of scrambled eggs and dried shrimps before rolling it..bon appetite

Defining Malay Cuisine

I was contacted by my former student, Mohd Fuad who are currently in final semester of a French Baccalaureate Program

He is currently in the midst of collecting data on Malay Cuisine, which I found as interesting and challenging as well. So how to define the Malay Cuisine?

Malay is a race from Malay Archipelagos, which consists of Peninsula of Malays & Borneo (Malaysia), Indonesian Island - Sumatra and Java, Island of Philiphines. The main staple is Rice, while the main dishes consists of Fish and Seafood, Poultry and sometime Beef. While the ingredients use in making up the dishes are fresh herbs and spices.

The ingredients strcuture consists of herbs, spice and being balance with elements of acidic and alkaline; a culinary skills which could makes ways for scientific formulations.

That is my short opinion on Malay Cuisine, What is yours? any advice are welcome

Apr 1, 2008

Sufiah Yusof Tragedy and The State of Malaysian Education

I was reading my brother's blog about the child-prodigy becoming a hooker, I would like to stress that one cannot jump to conclusion as the news was retract form a tabloid paper!

I would prefer to look at our our shore; the Malaysian education and its impact to future generation. It is complicated looking at the bureaucratic procedures in Malaysia. it has has a lot of issue from the policy making, management and centralized examination.

where we are heading?

As the society play equally important part, I cannot agree more on the model taken from
Here, have a look:

its the issue on all of the effort is gone to the drain, if we allowed our kids to the culture of enjoyment, entertainment and all sorts. Look around us -in TV, JOM HEBOH, concerts to another, celebrations, festivals... all killing the society structure -- followed with drugs, adultery, out-of-wedlock-child, nauzibillah

Balancing in Life; with religion and emphasis on morality should be the key, while allowing our kids grows naturally.

Lastly, pray to GOD as we letting the divine show the correct paths

UPDATED 7th April: The Star online today published the interview with Sufiah, which shows no regret on what she is doing. Well, this only prove she indeed involved in the "business". As adult she is responsible for herself. As Muslim, each of us have certain responsibilities to advice her.
My main concern still, why double standards? How about poor people in Malaysia which not given the opportunity to education..look around you, they may just your neighbour. (wonder why BERSAMAMU still exists?)

My Chef's Student, My Culinary World

Hmm, let me re-visit

It was in 1996 since I first joint a private college in Penang, Malaysia

Then my teaching life moved on at my Alma matter-MARA Institute of Technology, which offer tremendous opportunity in culinary education

then, many years later, I have involved in all categories of culinary; namely Culinary Arts, Culinary Management and Culinary Science

No regret, only I feel I should make more money on these skills :)

Less money, but I do have many students instead - more than thousand, many which I could not remember their names, with exception few of those who would visit me on yearly basis - without failed :) I guess that is the best thing being a teacher- is all about the students, seeing them grow to became chefs, food service operator, lecturer and food scientist, not just financial rewards on side alone:)

Enjoy the picture, of some of my current student (updated later)

Everyone is Born Winner

Well, I miss another 30days in updating my own blog, pheww..what a ...nevermind, I just enjoying myself with the life, reading other blogs, visiting Taiping again and again, teaching, learning...and same time spice up with some elements of organizational behavior at my office

Best of all, voting on 8th March Election as my best outing so far... so now my best friend is an EXCO member of Selangor Government..

OK, enough introduction..

back to the topic... do you know all of you are born winner? well, it easy... there are up to 4 million sperm finding their way to ovum in "1000' kilometre journey... only one survive ( in cases, you will have twins) ( FYI-I am not lecturing about biology/sexual education here)

what it means.....

It means, only the best, the strongest and brightest will survive...that is us, me and you

So, be the best in whatever you doing, don't let others to tell what you cannot do, but you yourself want to achieved in this world and thereafter