Apr 26, 2008

Embracing Food Price Hikes.. Are You Ready?

Its a promised, and coming soon .... no I am not discussing about death or tax, another 2 "promised" but this promises is making you a walking zombies

1) The price of rice has reached to the highest in history.. wow, should we "makan ubi kayu, macam zaman Jepun dulu?"
2) Government is discussing the diesel new price... what?
3) the petrol has reached USD117 and expected to go up further...great for Petronas
4) Our economy is slowing down..great for 5 alternative government
5) Government cannot afford to RM2000 one-off gratuity to its employees..buying RM200 million executive jet its okay
6) some government think-tank has informed, price of food is worldwide phenomenon, not just in Malaysia....yeah correct, correct, correct.. good examples indeed, how about our salary, not the same with the rest of the world

This are some of the fact, furthermore

6) Thailand promise to fulfilled its rice exporting, while India is banning such business
7) US economy showing deterioration in its economy..similar to post Vietnam War


In Malaysia, we may facing the Government is seriously looking forward to increase the price of diesel.

What it means, every single thing will increase, you have the experience already since 30cents increased previously.

and to make it worse, this time the diesel price is the generator of all business activities ..hence another round of food price increments. This will diminishing our purchasing power - We have the money, but since all the price of food has gone up, RM100 may use to buy few things only, as almost to be meaningless to have money during that "period of time". Some estimated this scenarios are expected to happen starting middle of this year and continue up to 24 month, depending on economic strategies and stimulus by the government

So my advice, if you have money...controlled it, forget about changing new cars or luxury vacation, save as to be safe here and there...hmm, I have to secure 2nd job now :)

The issue is whether we are ready... as we have to face the consequences like it or not

Good Luck to me and you

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