Apr 29, 2008

Food Crisis, Halal Crisis

As I am just coming back from visiting one of hypermarket in Kelana Jaya, it was a shocked indeed as the price of rice is gone up, example a particular is previously around RM19.00, now is RM26.00; whereas the cheapest was at RM23 instead of RM16. (All price indicate for 10kg)

I do my own asssumption that the price is expected to increase further between RM5-10, and to be stabilize in June.

Today STAR newspaper extracted Sharir Samad, The Minister of Consumer Affair as his is quote among other, advising people to have moderate life, save and perhaps reduce the rice consumption....another projek BN

Nevertheless, here more interesting.

HDC or Halal Development Corporation is taking over the Application of Halal Certification from JAKIM (The Islamic Development Dept)

The Persatuan Ulama Malaysia (Islamic Scholar), Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (islamic consumer association) has submit the objection on the matter to HDC

wonder why?

from now on, the process of Halal certification will be handled by a company lead by non-muslim

How could it be, when a non-muslim handles muslim requirement, as if they know about the needs of Muslims?

perhaps you could get the answer from the person in-charge of these nonsense-Khairy Jamaluddin, the son-in-law of PakLah

All because of $$$$$$$$$$

And there goes our food and halal food....another project BN

Good Luck to all Malaysian and Malaysian Muslim, me included...

may be I should balik kampung, rear my own chicken and plant my own paddy/ rice..hmm as if I have that kind of land back in Taiping???

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