Aug 4, 2008

Food Crisis Part 2

Any good news lately? For me, I am still struggling with my own schdedule as I embarks on additional income, for Raya..opps.. of course puasa / fasting first, then raya then new year expenses such as new school uniform and bags and books etc etc... all need money :(

so back to my first questions...any good news? nope, not on anticipating the price of petrol going down soon from flip-flop PM or his minister or even Anwar's attempt to Permatang Pauh..hmm

The issue is whether we as Rakyat Marhaen getting anything? or indeed we are the one who are losing out...argh, I wish I can finish my PhD ASAP, and migrating elsewhere, maybe Paris or Canada...hmmm

This morning I had a chance to discuss with my best friend, whom involved in wholesale of fish and seafood. From the discussion, I can anticipate that the food crisis started with rice then fuel that pressure other food prices is yet to over.

Soon, the fish and seafood.

As per market perspective, these commodity is not solely from our seas, but as much as 50% are imported from Thailand and other ASEAN countries

Most of wholesaler are having difficulty to get the supply now, so just wait one or two month before we (the rakyat) are forced to eat beef, chicken...but not fish. Though the fish will still avaialable, but at higher price including the fresh water fish i.e. ikan keli (catfish)

the issue here is are we are ready to brace the second tsunami's of food crisis

I am seriously thinking to pack my bag to migrate :)