Feb 23, 2008

Fish and Seafood

fish is abundant and plenty in Malaysia, and many ways of cooking method available

Fish and seafood have been the main source of protein since the mankind. Perhaps the most important food; in Food Chain System. It also being mentioned in Al-Quran and perhaps the only food that cuts-through any religions.

Fish and Seafood is Halal, any of them. There is no special requirement, or slaughtering process required.

I always wonder why Japanese people are so innovative and intelligence? or even for the past years, it always people from east coast- kelantan, terengganu scored in major examinations?- perhaps maybe due to their seafood diet.
Looking my own family - which all are successfully - in their major examination - maybe because our beloved mother feeding us with seafood, most of the time; while chicken only on special occasion... need scientific evidence?

There is no issue of seafood, but very few - the allergic and poisonous

If you are allergic to seafood, most likely it was due to some chemical used is preserving the freshness of the food

as for the famous poisonous fish - the puff fish (ikan buntal), Japanese love it so much as any other seafood. This special case - requires a special 3 year training and pass an examination before given a licence to cut the puff fish; yet every year at least 30 case of death recorded

My opinion, avoid the puff fish; while there is a plenty of choice to choose

How to choose a fresh fish? while most people looking at the red color of the gills, observed other areas as well, the eyes - bulging not flat, scales still intact, body - springy not soft, of course the smell- should be fresh smell.
Be extra care full, if the fish monger use yellow bulb of light to project the fish - it could please your eyes as freshness yet it is not.

If you have to buy frozen fish, look-out for ice-build ups, more ice mean it have kept for some period of time

in conclusion, fish is always the best diet, as my doctor quote " the smaller the better". After all the animals of seafood kingdom was mentioned in Al-Quran as one of main source of food; so it must worth diet for all

Our favourite fish - ikan kedara / belanak - sweet in taste, cheap in price

Chicken: The Never Ending Story

Chicken, Chicken and Chicken

Lately, there are an e-mail circulating among other claiming and arguing the status of halal chicken supplied by one of major hypermarket in our country. I am not sure the authenticity of the e-mail, but I can support with the facts

Well, it easy. Everyday, at least 1-4 million chicken being slaughtered. Chicken does not need special abattoir unlike beef / lamb, therefore it can slaughtered anywhere or any person could do that...

what more, as the chicken sold in our market is already cleaned or even in parts, how to know whether the halal practices being followed strictly?

As millions of chicken being slaughtered, I assume at least 10% (400K) will miss the rotating blades.... there; you will find a chicken not being slaughtered properly.

Then again, this is one of reason I choose organic chicken, as the owner of the business take the responsibility to slaughter the animals personally and manually; utmost importance following a very strict halal process

Feb 22, 2008

P108 N40

The code where I have registered and casting my vote for the last 3 elections. The area where I grown and technically my playing ground for the past 18 years - Section 17, 25, 4, 6 and 8 then Section1; from my student days, working and having family before buying a house and all my children born here as well.

The area was the 2nd choice previously if compare to Subang Jaya neighbourhood, now the cheapest house (link) is RM270K

My journey this year seem to be spicy and more interesting; when this morning, I call-up my best friend who is actively involved in politics - only to be informed, that he is the candidates for the area.

you will get my vote and full support.FULL STOP

Feb 17, 2008

What would you do if you are richer by RM10,000?

so, now you are richer by RM10K

what would you do? spending is easy, investing need some thinking

Lately, some of my colleague asking me for opinion on how to be successful? so I asked them why asking me?...hmm, as I wonder what their eyes telling, judging me as being successful... really wonder

I never feel I am a succesful person, at least not yet, as my benchmark of being success is having RM1Million in cash or assets or both in that value .... of course, that should be under my name :)

Perhaps, maybe they see it due to my way of dressing or my qualifications, or perhaps because I always smile, so always look ceria (happy) all the time....hmm ... I just normal person, living within my financial abilities and working hard to improve the life as well, who doesn't want to be rich anyway?

Nevertheless, I am happy to give them my word of advice..hahaha, macam financial consultant pulak ...

Back to if I were richer by RM10K, obviously for me is to reduce or minimize my debts...that is my priority....debts in my opinion and view cannot be avoided, but can always be reduce or minimize, means you still have debts, but the amount not more than 2-3month of your salary, better if own assumptions ....(by the way the zakat for RM10K is 2.5% or RM250 only)

other things is, I am aiming to fulfill the last tenets of being muslim this year, of conditions to be at that "special place' that you are free from any debts.. and at same time leaving enough money for your family.... (with that RM10K, I am free from debts, Alhamdulillah, thank you Bapak)

So, instead of discussing on being richer by RM10K, here I am targeting for my first million ringgit :)

(update 22nd Feb)

FYI - the Zakat hold a concept of "haul" or simply define as one year saving, or in this case, the income or saving must be generated over 12 month/ 1 year period. Let say you have continous income or saving the same amount for 12 month, then you are encourage to pay the zakat.

In this case, where you getting some one in a lifetime income, you are not obliged..wallahualam

FYI - success are best define by you alone, not others. As to measure success, you may need a benchmarks, that again by you, no other books can define. For myself, I do benchmarks my success to others, in perspective of financially, academically, career, family and, what is yours?

Election 08 - the season where watching TV is prohibited

The seasons of empty promise and suddenly Malaysia is full of cash-flow....

These is the time, where I prohibits myself from buying newspaper or watching news from local TV.

Election 08, is my third round offering my wisdom in choosing my candidates, subsequently the government of my choice. I never failed to choose the same political party as I enherited the choice of my late father, without any doubt :)

I have no issue, though I am concern on the inflation, the higher cost of living and mis-management of our rich resources

Obviosly, our country are damn rich, where the resources could offer (1) a free education to all, up to bachelor degree level; (2) a plot of land for every single rakyat for their own house

I am dreaming.....dreams are possible.... or shall I continue dreaming?

Feb 10, 2008

Being Entrepreneur and Intra-preneur

It has been almost 30 days I haven't got a chance to write and subsequently updated my blogs. This site not the only one suffers, but my other academics writing as well. All , I must say was due to myself focusing a business project - a lifetime project

Even on Sunday, which happen to be my day of updating my blogs, is now being used as to working the financial aspect of the project.

I always have deep interest being an entrepreneur, even my qualification are all subject to the one aim. I still remember, soon after receiving my SPM result (O level equivalent), I was offered to do the food and car mechanics, both, I assume will make lots of money, I choose food studies instead...subsequently my neighbour is running a car workshops, and made more money than me :)

So here I am, instead being full entrepreneur, perhaps an intra-preneur is my best bet, helping my employer with one of the biggest project I ever handle, and best is; it does contribute to the muslim world...

I am working and praying hard for it success...