Feb 23, 2008

Fish and Seafood

fish is abundant and plenty in Malaysia, and many ways of cooking method available

Fish and seafood have been the main source of protein since the mankind. Perhaps the most important food; in Food Chain System. It also being mentioned in Al-Quran and perhaps the only food that cuts-through any religions.

Fish and Seafood is Halal, any of them. There is no special requirement, or slaughtering process required.

I always wonder why Japanese people are so innovative and intelligence? or even for the past years, it always people from east coast- kelantan, terengganu scored in major examinations?- perhaps maybe due to their seafood diet.
Looking my own family - which all are successfully - in their major examination - maybe because our beloved mother feeding us with seafood, most of the time; while chicken only on special occasion... need scientific evidence?

There is no issue of seafood, but very few - the allergic and poisonous

If you are allergic to seafood, most likely it was due to some chemical used is preserving the freshness of the food

as for the famous poisonous fish - the puff fish (ikan buntal), Japanese love it so much as any other seafood. This special case - requires a special 3 year training and pass an examination before given a licence to cut the puff fish; yet every year at least 30 case of death recorded

My opinion, avoid the puff fish; while there is a plenty of choice to choose

How to choose a fresh fish? while most people looking at the red color of the gills, observed other areas as well, the eyes - bulging not flat, scales still intact, body - springy not soft, of course the smell- should be fresh smell.
Be extra care full, if the fish monger use yellow bulb of light to project the fish - it could please your eyes as freshness yet it is not.

If you have to buy frozen fish, look-out for ice-build ups, more ice mean it have kept for some period of time

in conclusion, fish is always the best diet, as my doctor quote " the smaller the better". After all the animals of seafood kingdom was mentioned in Al-Quran as one of main source of food; so it must worth diet for all

Our favourite fish - ikan kedara / belanak - sweet in taste, cheap in price

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