Mar 1, 2008

seeing each other after 18 years

For a solid 18 years.. that long

Obviously we are in different classes, but we became close due to rugby, a #1 game in our school, The King Edward VII of Taiping. Frankly, I am not good in that game as I much prefer hockey and soccer.

After SPM, we chart our own journey.... leaving all except the sweet memories of the school days

As my office /faculty just being relocated, nearby to HQ; only to found the Building Manager was my former school mates.

That 18 years, and we still know each other.... and we had a quite a long chat..Well Johnny Loh, nice meeting you again...we haven't change much after all :)


Cling & Clatter said...

It is interesting how life brings people together and apart. Sometimes, there seems to be a design within all the random coincidences.

Rashi Hariri said...

Thank you for leaving a message here. life is beautiful indeed and more colorful as we found someone who is known as FRIEND