Mar 1, 2008

Sun Tzu The Arts of War - Office Politics 2

My earlier blogging ;

The war haven't over yet!! as previously it was a truce. I guess they need to read a lot, and builds their networking and strategy

They wanted to prolong my probation, and subsequently transferred me out, what a pity, I am not a doll whom they can do anything, while I sit there quietly.

So I took the opportunity, as the best of being relocated nearby to HQ is to know others; all the gatekeeper, the powerful, the generals and lieutenant of my university; while developing my network of friends and friendships as well.

there; I received my confirmation letter

So... its 2-0 and I laugh all the way ;)

FYI - Never before I faced - a "boss" who determine to kill his own staff's career; instead of he/she developing it through coaching and mentoring. Myself, I do take this as a part of learning; perhaps it always offer somekind of process which matures your thinking and wisdom, as life goes on.