Mar 1, 2008

Chicken: The Never Ending Story 2

Here we are again

My former students has asked my opinion; topic on chicken of course.....

He was offered a supply of "ready-to-cook" chicken chop (also known as Chicken Marryland) at RM1.50

Looking at selling price of RM7.00-RM9.00 per portion; any business could easily make a RM5-7 profit per portions, that is a huge amount that made me wanted to open a western corner myself
Questions is How do you offer such low-cost ' ready-to-cook' when the market price is up to 400% higher?

Any takers?

My former student decided not proceed since the source of chicken is unknown; what more without halal specification being mentioned. Being his former teacher; I believe we have manage to instill some ethical principles to him.
To my students, hold to your principle, it is never easy to find your 1st RM1 million and there is no shortcuts to success

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