Apr 1, 2008

Everyone is Born Winner

Well, I miss another 30days in updating my own blog, pheww..what a ...nevermind, I just enjoying myself with the life, reading other blogs, visiting Taiping again and again, teaching, learning...and same time spice up with some elements of organizational behavior at my office

Best of all, voting on 8th March Election as my best outing so far... so now my best friend is an EXCO member of Selangor Government..

OK, enough introduction..

back to the topic... do you know all of you are born winner? well, it easy... there are up to 4 million sperm finding their way to ovum in "1000' kilometre journey... only one survive ( in cases, you will have twins) ( FYI-I am not lecturing about biology/sexual education here)

what it means.....

It means, only the best, the strongest and brightest will survive...that is us, me and you

So, be the best in whatever you doing, don't let others to tell what you cannot do, but you yourself want to achieved in this world and thereafter

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