Apr 1, 2008

My Chef's Student, My Culinary World

Hmm, let me re-visit

It was in 1996 since I first joint a private college in Penang, Malaysia

Then my teaching life moved on at my Alma matter-MARA Institute of Technology, which offer tremendous opportunity in culinary education

then, many years later, I have involved in all categories of culinary; namely Culinary Arts, Culinary Management and Culinary Science

No regret, only I feel I should make more money on these skills :)

Less money, but I do have many students instead - more than thousand, many which I could not remember their names, with exception few of those who would visit me on yearly basis - without failed :) I guess that is the best thing being a teacher- is all about the students, seeing them grow to became chefs, food service operator, lecturer and food scientist, not just financial rewards on side alone:)

Enjoy the picture, of some of my current student (updated later)

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