Apr 1, 2008

Sufiah Yusof Tragedy and The State of Malaysian Education

I was reading my brother's blog about the child-prodigy becoming a hooker, I would like to stress that one cannot jump to conclusion as the news was retract form a tabloid paper!

I would prefer to look at our our shore; the Malaysian education and its impact to future generation. It is complicated looking at the bureaucratic procedures in Malaysia. it has has a lot of issue from the policy making, management and centralized examination.

where we are heading?

As the society play equally important part, I cannot agree more on the model taken from
Here, have a look:

its the issue on all of the effort is gone to the drain, if we allowed our kids to the culture of enjoyment, entertainment and all sorts. Look around us -in TV, JOM HEBOH, concerts to another, celebrations, festivals... all killing the society structure -- followed with drugs, adultery, out-of-wedlock-child, nauzibillah

Balancing in Life; with religion and emphasis on morality should be the key, while allowing our kids grows naturally.

Lastly, pray to GOD as we letting the divine show the correct paths

UPDATED 7th April: The Star online today published the interview with Sufiah, which shows no regret on what she is doing. Well, this only prove she indeed involved in the "business". As adult she is responsible for herself. As Muslim, each of us have certain responsibilities to advice her.
My main concern still, why double standards? How about poor people in Malaysia which not given the opportunity to education..look around you, they may just your neighbour. (wonder why BERSAMAMU still exists?)

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