Jan 21, 2009

Sugar Sugar Baby

As being informed by the Minister of Consumer Affairs (should we change to Minister of businessmen affair), the sugar price is likely to be increase by RM.0.20 per kilo after Chinese New Year. This was due to the new tariff (price) on new agreement of importers and therefore Malaysia Government cannot afford to provide subsidies to Rakyat again and again.. :)

well, in different perspective we have 2 monopoly importers of sugar in Malaysia, both of them are billionnaires, that the only reasons Government try to protect their business rather helping poor rakyat in reducing the cost of living by reducing the price of ingredients. why don't break the monopoly and let the free-market indicate the price

in another perspective, its good to have higher price, perhaps this will reduce the consumption of sugar in Malaysian food, therefore reduce the obese and related diseases such as Diabetics.

the set back will, another excuse for food business to increase their food price again as obviously many of drinks are added with condensed milk (creamer?) which using a lot of sugar, not to mention other processed food as well.

what I am tired is the way Government explain each time there is price changes, it always reflected to the subsidies... as if the subsidies are coming from government own pocket money. Bear is mind, most of income coming from petroluem, which federal government "force" to take from rakyat through Petronas Act. while other income, bulk of it, is through "income tax" which coming from you and me..all reflected the income generated are coming from rakyat, not for minister to " misuse" or mismanage"it they way they like.

back to the sugar issue, it always suggested to take brown sugar instead white sugar and we have have plenty choice including palm-sugar, obviously honey is the best as stated in Quran.

in the meantime, while waiting for the new price of sugar to be announce... I have to compiled my 2008 tax return :(