Mar 1, 2008

Chicken: The Never Ending Story 2

Here we are again

My former students has asked my opinion; topic on chicken of course.....

He was offered a supply of "ready-to-cook" chicken chop (also known as Chicken Marryland) at RM1.50

Looking at selling price of RM7.00-RM9.00 per portion; any business could easily make a RM5-7 profit per portions, that is a huge amount that made me wanted to open a western corner myself
Questions is How do you offer such low-cost ' ready-to-cook' when the market price is up to 400% higher?

Any takers?

My former student decided not proceed since the source of chicken is unknown; what more without halal specification being mentioned. Being his former teacher; I believe we have manage to instill some ethical principles to him.
To my students, hold to your principle, it is never easy to find your 1st RM1 million and there is no shortcuts to success

Sun Tzu The Arts of War - Office Politics 2

My earlier blogging ;

The war haven't over yet!! as previously it was a truce. I guess they need to read a lot, and builds their networking and strategy

They wanted to prolong my probation, and subsequently transferred me out, what a pity, I am not a doll whom they can do anything, while I sit there quietly.

So I took the opportunity, as the best of being relocated nearby to HQ is to know others; all the gatekeeper, the powerful, the generals and lieutenant of my university; while developing my network of friends and friendships as well.

there; I received my confirmation letter

So... its 2-0 and I laugh all the way ;)

FYI - Never before I faced - a "boss" who determine to kill his own staff's career; instead of he/she developing it through coaching and mentoring. Myself, I do take this as a part of learning; perhaps it always offer somekind of process which matures your thinking and wisdom, as life goes on.

seeing each other after 18 years

For a solid 18 years.. that long

Obviously we are in different classes, but we became close due to rugby, a #1 game in our school, The King Edward VII of Taiping. Frankly, I am not good in that game as I much prefer hockey and soccer.

After SPM, we chart our own journey.... leaving all except the sweet memories of the school days

As my office /faculty just being relocated, nearby to HQ; only to found the Building Manager was my former school mates.

That 18 years, and we still know each other.... and we had a quite a long chat..Well Johnny Loh, nice meeting you again...we haven't change much after all :)