Nov 24, 2007

Being Muslims..

I always proud being a muslim, easy yet full of responsibilities. Sometimes I wonder whether my other fellows understands its basic requirements? is my checklist

I = Isya'
S = Subuh
L = Luhur or Zohor
A = Asar
M = Maghribs

The checklist could only be completed in one day, not able to completing will resulted in different meaning all together... in short, its a 5 times prayer a day as pre-requisite.

so, hopefully we are muslim in true practice, Amen

Between Chefs and its entitlements

Being 17 years in the industry, I could only wish there are some elements of control for the title of "chef". In Malaysia, anyone could claim he or she is a chef. I have seen a singer, after so many years in a foreign country, returning home, only to be known as "chef", tak boleh menyanyi dah, terus jadi chef

It took me 4 years of study, 2 years of working experience before a 5-star hotel entitled me; Junior Pastry Chef (Penang Mutiara 1995), yet it doesnt stop me to continue improving the competencies.

In USA, chefs must undertook an exam, before he or she could use the title, I dont expect it to be controlled as in medical industry, but I dont want any abuse either. It must be controlled by a "faculty" or a chef committee.
Currently our local TV are airing program about herbs and spices, led by a "Master" chef....despite I know the person and his culinary experience, I doubt where he got his "Master" chef titles .....
FYI - in USA, you must take the exam, a gruelling 10 hours to prepare 10 classical cuisine to be presented to 5 judges - all Certified Master Chef, and pass the exam before can use the "Certified Master Chef". I am looking at 20% passing rate (means only 2 will pass out of 10 candidates) and nearly RM100K on fees and accomodation, I feel so small in this world

Here another example, one of my junior lecturer took over my class, as I falling-in sick. Despite that, I do worried as my class offering striploin steak today....
Sadly as expected the steak turned out to be as hard as wood.... yet the junior lecturer wanted to be known as chefs..hmm, kerja cari makan, bukan as Ibadah...that why, my perception to those young lecturer nowadays, have no passionate in their teaching at all.

Roasting Striploin steak requires some time of marination, slow fire in the oven, suggested at 150C-160C, over some period of time ( more than 45minutes), hence, slow method of cooking..... it definately cannot be thrown just like that into the oven, which will resulting "roasted wood with flavors"
Only jauhari mengenal mana manikam, mana intan, mana permata, mana kaca, only experience chef know how to teach properly