Feb 23, 2008

Chicken: The Never Ending Story

Chicken, Chicken and Chicken

Lately, there are an e-mail circulating among other claiming and arguing the status of halal chicken supplied by one of major hypermarket in our country. I am not sure the authenticity of the e-mail, but I can support with the facts

Well, it easy. Everyday, at least 1-4 million chicken being slaughtered. Chicken does not need special abattoir unlike beef / lamb, therefore it can slaughtered anywhere or any person could do that...

what more, as the chicken sold in our market is already cleaned or even in parts, how to know whether the halal practices being followed strictly?

As millions of chicken being slaughtered, I assume at least 10% (400K) will miss the rotating blades.... there; you will find a chicken not being slaughtered properly.

Then again, this is one of reason I choose organic chicken, as the owner of the business take the responsibility to slaughter the animals personally and manually; utmost importance following a very strict halal process

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