Feb 17, 2008

Election 08 - the season where watching TV is prohibited

The seasons of empty promise and suddenly Malaysia is full of cash-flow....

These is the time, where I prohibits myself from buying newspaper or watching news from local TV.

Election 08, is my third round offering my wisdom in choosing my candidates, subsequently the government of my choice. I never failed to choose the same political party as I enherited the choice of my late father, without any doubt :)

I have no issue, though I am concern on the inflation, the higher cost of living and mis-management of our rich resources

Obviosly, our country are damn rich, where the resources could offer (1) a free education to all, up to bachelor degree level; (2) a plot of land for every single rakyat for their own house

I am dreaming.....dreams are possible.... or shall I continue dreaming?


Rahman Hariri said...

I am all for item 1, but I am not sure if any government can do item 2.

Rashi Hariri said...

Item 1 was my only issue when elections since 1990's, only this year I was happy to know it is part of 'Negara Berkebajikan' by PAS..kesian tengok young people takde kerja, or gaji kecik, yet to pay PTPTN loan..
Item 2 are also possible, but will have many issue, since the price is different in Klang Valley, furthermore is just a plot... not an acre for each Malaysian