Feb 10, 2008

Being Entrepreneur and Intra-preneur

It has been almost 30 days I haven't got a chance to write and subsequently updated my blogs. This site not the only one suffers, but my other academics writing as well. All , I must say was due to myself focusing a business project - a lifetime project

Even on Sunday, which happen to be my day of updating my blogs, is now being used as to working the financial aspect of the project.

I always have deep interest being an entrepreneur, even my qualification are all subject to the one aim. I still remember, soon after receiving my SPM result (O level equivalent), I was offered to do the food and car mechanics, both, I assume will make lots of money, I choose food studies instead...subsequently my neighbour is running a car workshops, and made more money than me :)

So here I am, instead being full entrepreneur, perhaps an intra-preneur is my best bet, helping my employer with one of the biggest project I ever handle, and best is; it does contribute to the muslim world...

I am working and praying hard for it success...

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