Feb 17, 2008

What would you do if you are richer by RM10,000?

so, now you are richer by RM10K

what would you do? spending is easy, investing need some thinking

Lately, some of my colleague asking me for opinion on how to be successful? so I asked them why asking me?...hmm, as I wonder what their eyes telling, judging me as being successful... really wonder

I never feel I am a succesful person, at least not yet, as my benchmark of being success is having RM1Million in cash or assets or both in that value .... of course, that should be under my name :)

Perhaps, maybe they see it due to my way of dressing or my qualifications, or perhaps because I always smile, so always look ceria (happy) all the time....hmm ... I just normal person, living within my financial abilities and working hard to improve the life as well, who doesn't want to be rich anyway?

Nevertheless, I am happy to give them my word of advice..hahaha, macam financial consultant pulak ...

Back to if I were richer by RM10K, obviously for me is to reduce or minimize my debts...that is my priority....debts in my opinion and view cannot be avoided, but can always be reduce or minimize, means you still have debts, but the amount not more than 2-3month of your salary, better if own assumptions ....(by the way the zakat for RM10K is 2.5% or RM250 only)

other things is, I am aiming to fulfill the last tenets of being muslim this year, of conditions to be at that "special place' that you are free from any debts.. and at same time leaving enough money for your family.... (with that RM10K, I am free from debts, Alhamdulillah, thank you Bapak)

So, instead of discussing on being richer by RM10K, here I am targeting for my first million ringgit :)

(update 22nd Feb)

FYI - the Zakat hold a concept of "haul" or simply define as one year saving, or in this case, the income or saving must be generated over 12 month/ 1 year period. Let say you have continous income or saving the same amount for 12 month, then you are encourage to pay the zakat.

In this case, where you getting some one in a lifetime income, you are not obliged..wallahualam

FYI - success are best define by you alone, not others. As to measure success, you may need a benchmarks, that again by you, no other books can define. For myself, I do benchmarks my success to others, in perspective of financially, academically, career, family and, what is yours?

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