Apr 8, 2008

Mee Combat, between Pasembur and rojak?

Here another speciality in Taiping. Ever heard the "Combat Movie"? Now TV1 is airing them again under slot RETRO. So far I haven't manage to watch them, since the timing is bit late as I need to wake up early.

Nevertheless, I believe there is only one COMBAT Noodles in Malaysia, obviously located in my hometown. Nothing special, just a mamak mee, only the preparation is rather quick - combative style :).
If you got I chance, tryout this - order kiawtiaw goreng + satay there, and you will please with the taste

Another favorite is pasembor - another authentic mamak food avaialable. Don't get confuse with rojak, as pasembor are more lighter in-term of ingredients. What is the major difference between the two - is the sauce, Pasembor used sweet-mix chilli sauce, while Rojak is peanut sauce. The price is only RM3 per plate...yummy


Rahman Hariri said...

Mee Combat, run by one Mamak Jabar Deen, has been around since we were kids. Mamak Jabar Deen is quite well known to the family, obviously to dad. On Friday night outing (which clashed with PRamlee movie show on telly in the 70s), after aruah had given his ceramah (sometimes) at Masjid Hanafi, he would ask us if we were interested in stopping by for mee rebus. Obviously we had been waiting for that question for him, and actually many times he didnt have the money to pay Mamak Jabar Deen but I guess he would have a 'buku 555' with him that would allow him to pay at the end of the month.

Many a times when he was really broke, he would not ask us. Of course we all pun balik lah rumah dengan muka moyok!

Rashi Hariri said...

Thanks for the memories... on my side, I don't remember on 555 books, but do reminds the outing with bapak and family

Obviously Jabardeen still remember me and always associate with MAK..

only that, my kids doesnt like Mee kuning much otherwise it will be another generation of hariri's queing the mee combat