Dec 24, 2009

Diet During Dengue Fever

I was down for about a week, hospitalized with Dengue Fever

This is my second time getting such fever, the first in 1995 which was quite critical

My diet that time was Coconut drink, supplied daily by my beloved mother

This time around it was an upgrade, no more coconut drink, but

1) Virgin Coconut Oil

2) 100 plus

I do take pre-cautionary action not to mixed the drink, taking the coconut oil before breakfast, and having 100-plus during lunch and I was out from hospital exactly after 5 days...though continue resting throughout whole week in PD.

(It was a special case since it involved my 2 kids and my wife, so we almost like having a vacation in hospital)


Rahman Hariri said...

Amboi bercuti kat hospital. Free lagi pulak tu...hehehe. padan senyap je. Sorry tak sempat nk p melawat.

Rashi Hariri said...

haha it aslo known as medical tourism