May 6, 2008

The Day I Visit The Parliament

Frankly I never been to parliament...and I don't remember any during my schooldays. So when I received information that my presentation will be at the August House, wow..another chapter of my life

So, here I was, chauffeured driven to the place.

As my schedule meeting at 1230noon, still ample time....only to realize that my digital camera was left in the car.....hmm, great lifetime opportunity gone to waste hahaha:)

My mind is to find someone, or the Yang Berhormat and to shake hands with them such as Zulkifli Nordin, or take picture with Nurul Izzah and her mother, Datin Seri Azizah etc etc

I am dreaming....instead it was Dato Shabery Chik, Tan Sri Muhammad Taib and Dato Mustapa Mohamed..hmm
off all the people in this world....opps I do miss with Nasharuddin Mat Isa..merely two seconds, as he open the door while I am going the opposite direction..aisey... but settling with Ustaz Taib Azamuddin, the former Imam of National Mosque makes me smile. ( all these persona look amused as I am quite sure in their mind; who is the fella walking around and shakes hands with them.. hahaha:)

Following the arguments with MP from Muar...I always impressed with his orator skills indeed

Interesting to find those people and I ended my session with briefing from Salahudin Ayub on Bernas and Food Issue in Malaysia.

There more; the next meeting was more intellectual challenges as I was asked by my superior to follow him - with the Secretary of Dewan Negara - indeed a fine men amongst the government servant; where we had a session of knowing and sharing knowledge on many issue - education, morality, agriculture and system...cracking my head as my thinking makes me sitting quitely behind my superior :)

well..overall it is indeed a new experience for me, objectively our proposal was also being accepted... exhausted as I reached back my office at 7pm, but these are some of my experiential learning process

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