May 22, 2008

Water, the basics of life

Water..everyone knows its importance. Its the basics where the human is derived and attach permanently to it.

As you grow, you need a lot of water for consumption and health, as drinking 2 liter of water a day could save your life and ensuring the body functions normally.

Do you know that, while we are in our mother womb, the water is flowing and it sound like waterfall...that why if you children is crying, bringing near to waterfall will sooth them as they feel safe as in their mother wombs :)

today I would like to share some stories about water ....

water plays an important part in my life back in 2001-2005, all by accidents. I was with an educational institute, where my employer are a strong believer in this "feng-shui". Interesting enough, I never had a thought on this matter, so back to to the story, My employer would hired a 'business consultant" or feng-shui master, normally during the period of chinese new year, together with lion-dance performance

being the No.2 person in this company, the fengshui master will go around my table and asked my birthdate etc.etc. ...and then looking at the "fengshui compass", then, he asked me to put any elements of water, if possible flowing...and it must be located behind me.. so, taking his advice, I just promise I will do it soon enough.

A week gone, and what I can find is a few pictures of waterfall from previous calendar, which I cut and paste nicely on the wall behind me.....

well, my luck was on my side, the company improved further under my stewardships (opps, I forget to tell, the company I was working previously was in red and losing financially) and business are coming while we are very prudent in our account.

I am not sure whether it was the water elements or due to our hardworks and great team we had..but the 5 years there was among the best experience I ever had.

Fast forward, whenever I look at the waterfalls, it soothe me and I would rather I am now enjoying some free 20m3 free water from Selangor Government :) thanks

I hope you will enjoy some of picture of waterfall below here, the Lata Kinjang, located in Tapah, Perak. I do remember having picnic there, and my daughter speak her first words - "ayer
picture taken from reezal album


Lynda said...

I have to ask whether or not the Feng Shui actually worked. It sounds like you have a great outlook on it. I also loved the picture on this blog - of course, it did make me hungry...

Rashi Hariri said...

thanks lynda, for visiting my blog and leaving a message

well, I believe in work hard and work smart... and water does perfecting our body and soul.

feng shui as for me is just an excuse and nevertheless I love to read on 'feng shui' but I would rather believe in prayer to God and asking HIM to guide me better in my daily life.

as for the picture is taken during one of presentation of culinary degree students