May 22, 2008

From Parliament to Selangor State Legislature

Picture taken from kidding, I am near to corridors of power lately :)

2008 should be as a reminder and be rememebered in my life as I had a chance of lifetime? A parliament visit in earlier entry in my blogs, then a visit to Selangor State Legislature... hey, dont worry.. I am not going to join the political party anytime soon, though I realized some of my blood are made from there, as my previous uncles and descendants.... I prefer being as now, an instructor and a chef ;)

So here I am visiting a friend, now an EXCO... along the way saw YB Ronnie Liu and YB Teresa Kok....hmm, wonder where is Tan Sri Khalid...

The result of these visitation was this questions..."so, rashi..when you going to be the "setiausaha sulit" of some EXCO's if not MP's"....and some even worse.. "any potential business or project"
well, as I mentioned before I am just normal human being and I enjoy myself as now, what I am doing there is to visit a friend, perhaps as a voter, nothing more :)

so, here are some my personal collections...

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