Aug 17, 2009

My Dream Set of Knife

knife is the most important tools for a chef. Myself have very few type of knife, namely the chef/ french knife 6", a utility knife. A boning knife ( a gift from a NZ chef), Serrated knife 11'' as Pastry Chef should have and few type of small knife.

Frankly these knife did not come cheap. Nevertheless I hope to get few more of them, and recently I found ..... now the money issue :(

the set of knife; with everage price of RM150 per piece, looks alike I need few thousand then.. only time will tell when I will get these


Anonymous said...

sabar laa. kumpol duit byk2 dulu chef. more nice enrties please! hehe

Rashi Hariri said...

Thanks for visiting

duit dah banyak, kalau convert ke rupiah or rupee berjuta-juta.

by the way, may I know who is this?

Anonymous said...

one of your student yg salu sakit n absent. ;( hur hur.

chef, cmne nk tau yg seasoning kite 2 da ngam/ckup rase. i'm very bad in tasting food. slalu main belasah aje. ;p

Rashi Hariri said...

Wish a person with a name.

well, as for your questions, there is no specific answer in tasting, is it very much depending on the person him/herself.

The guide is always never to salty taste, but its okay for little bit hot taste i.e. more pepper but not salt.

Anonymous said...

i am nor aina farahin binti jai
xtra marks 4 final pleaseeeee
just kiddin
okey then
i'll try