Oct 10, 2008

How do you define a friend?

Do you have friend? that a person outside of your family circles, which happpen to be your roommates, officemates etc

There are several categories of friends or stages / types which you want to define as to understand them or vice-versa

I have a short story to be shared, it was a week plus holiday (raya of course) as I officially started working today (10/10); only to find my 'pay-slip' was opened and nicely put on top of my table.

to make worst, the pay-slip indicated the amount of bonuses paid to me, plus other payment made by my employer ( the amount is quite abnormal from previous month)

and to make more dramatic, a note saying "I accidently opened yours" wow, great

How could a person which learn all the alphabets and alif ba ta, could not read my name which was CLEARLY indicated plus the warning sign saying "TO BE OPENED BY THE ADDRESSEE ONLY - PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL"

Psychologically before you open any letter, you would read the name first...? unless you planned to opened it, just to fulfilled your curiousity :( bad indeed

FRIENDS and FRIENDSHIPS are built through TRUST and TRUSTWORTHINESS, obviously the AMANAH factor is not with you, ZAID!!!!


Rahman Hariri said...

It happened to my boss 15 years ago. The payslip was wrongly given by the secretary to him, and he opened it up without even looking at the name. Upon opening it he realized that it was not his and it was the manager's. THe secretary had to profusely apologize to the manager for wrongly giving out the payslip.

It happens. So by then we knew exactly how much the boss was paid.

But he took it in stride and didnt berate the secretary for the mistake.

Rashi Hariri said...

"But he took it in stride and didnt berate the secretary for the mistake"

Dear Abd Man,

I wish the scenario there is similar here in Malay worker environment, where they wanted to know what you earned and how much you earned than burst into questions ie "how can you earned more than me?" up to how about your CGPA last qualifications? and worst you are not qualify to teach this subject and that ....hmm list goes on..

professionalism is not being practiced here, at least in my current organization. (I have many Organization Behavior - OB entry in my blogs before on my current oragnization)

and the best, all payslips are personally handed to each person's table, as the secretary knows where we sits (each room sharing with two persons)