Feb 3, 2009

Should I get this sooner?

credit to ghazali the owner of this bikes

I just got a job offer 200km down south, while thinking of accepting such offer, I have already planned myself very well as I gradually finishing my studies. I always prefer to have one car (instead of two now), and perhaps dreaming riding a bike...until my brother, ghazali bought himself an aprilla...hmm, frankly I am not that young anymore, perhaps only at heart obviously not at the age :)

by the way is just a plan...the issue is how soon is going to be materialized is another matter


mohd shahril said...

found your blog..

xpe.en Rashid mude agy..
ade 2 kete ke?
tatau plak..
yg saya tau kete merah.nampak di seberang brem tower.

200km down south..
jauhnye dorang datang minang..

Rashi Hariri said...

welcome shahril

My normal car is the red one, the other by my wife

well, that 200km is current, while near future there are many as far as US :)

mohd shahril said...


One of the CIMB trainer is going overseas to work.its not that he can't find the job he wanted here,its just that he wanted to see how far he can go when he is exposed to the outside. i respect his courage if he do that,at least he does not stick to the 'glocal' idea & just sit here & wait for the poeple to 'take care' of the rakyat.

Proton offers VSS to vendors???

mohd shahril said...

lupe plak nak ucap.

good luck to you.
you have a very high ambition & you are near to achieve it..god bless us all.

Rashi Hariri said...

I always preserved on issue "bumi Allah ini luas, berhijrahlah" especially if you are not satisfied with your current life :)

Obviously it is indeed expensive to live in Malaysia as our salary is lower (if compare with your qualification) and expenditure is getting more expensive.