Apr 28, 2009

Food of Sri Lanka

I had an opportunity to samples Sri Lanka Food while transit ting en-route to Jeddah on the 16th April 2008.

While I do feel uneasy with presence of many government armed-men as the country is on a civil war on the northern part, the feeling was soon diminished as the airport and the city are located on the southern part of the Island.

Of all, I must admit, this country is beautiful and it was like turning back 30 years ago, where people enjoying their simple life

Bandarneike International Airport
As we arrived around 7pm, me and my other colleague was taken to Goldis Sands Hotel, a 3-star resorts, near city while waiting for our next flight 3pm next day.There we first taste the Sri Lanka hospitality, and we did enjoy our stay and the food there.

Registering our names

Soon after we get our room, we headed for buffet dinner, it was splendid, as we enjoyed the seafood with different flavour of curry based dishes. Food do becoming our concerns :( as this country are Buddhist majority followed Christianity and Muslims. We don't dare to touch the beef and chicken as we are not sure its worthiness in muslim perspectives. Nevertheless throughout the dinner was accompanied with trio-musician playing some oldies and classics; lovely

The chef and their culinary expression, some of the food and the trio-musicians

we wake-up early as pre-dawn prayer around 430am, and its already like 9am here in Malaysia, where I immediately headed to the beaches.

Top; the view from my room at 5am, middle; the Indian Ocean, Bottom; making friendships with Mr. Wilson

I saw many trawler-like-boat, where I was informed, by a local known as Mr. Wilson, it was prawn catching seasons now, with lobster is only cost around RM40 a kilogram. Hmm, great for my gout... Soon we headed for the breakfast, it was great with breads and curry, and sampling the local pineapples was the sweetest moment we ever had :) I meant the fruit

Our Lunch consists of basmathi rice, chicken curry, fish, dhall, salads and pounded chilli and the best of all, the flavorful papadam; you can't get it anywhere... so good

We had 'hidang-style' lunch instead of buffet, most probably due we are the only foreigner left, and then we were told that all chicken in hotel in Sri Lanka are Halal as a respect to Muslim community. As halal chicken, these birds are coming from specialize farm instead of normal market. Hmm, too late then as we already ordered special dishes, the Lobster Masala and again, Pineapple Juices and a plate of freshly cut nice and sweet

the main dishes - Lobster; we really should asked the chef to roasted it instead of Masala, nevertheless it was gone within few minutes

Of all we spent around RM120 for this lobster, a far cry cheaper as around RM400 if we wanted to have similar one, back in Malaysia.

As we headed to the airport, the security was tight and everything has to be checked, except my money in my pocket :)

we had to take this bus to enter to the airport, as no other public vehicle is allowed as safety measures

at the airport, we bought some tea... anyway Sri Lanka is known for their finest tea, stones and crafts with elephant figure is indeed popular

maybe I should be back for more lobster, perhaps one day....

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