Oct 15, 2009

my new bike

I have planned to get a bike for quite some time, objectively as my mode of transport to work and to travel some 100km a day for my thesis preparation while saving the petrol and toll charges etc. etc. This will require some financial commitment, as the 'B' license alone will cost me RM700, not to mentioned the other accessories that suits the rider. I have thought I would get one, soon after aid-fitri 2009. Then, a US university proposed to me to teach there, therefore I have to postponed this agenda, as the saving is now being prioritized for that. Nevertheless, yesterday I bought one for well 3 other, for my kids

this gilera NEXUS 460cc fully automatic italian made bike will cost me RM35k.. nope, not yet

what I get yesterday is a different NEXUS - MTB size 26'- aluminium body, shimano with 21 gear, front suspension with disc brake, environmentally friendly plus 3 other bike for my kids and some accessories habis la jugak RM1K++

updates - 24th October- the bicycle accesories - I used to have a road / racing bike and MTB (both belong to my brother) and I have not riding any bicycles since 1997 when I moved to Terengganu . I have lost the any information on the price etc. etc.

I was informed, having a MTB is quite expensive hobby nowadays as a good frame / body (entry level) will costing around RM2k. If carbon body - the cheapest is around RM4K, which I dont have. So, I have decided to buy a cheaper version and gradually upgraded it - here the list so far 1) Helmet RM100 2) Speedometer RM90 3) Lighting set RM110 4) Glove RM40 5) Pedal RM70 6) bottle holder RM35 7) Pump upgrades 8) the shimano crank RM350, 9) straight bar RM100 and 10) stem RM140 (mostly on the next availabe budget) not including my son knee and elbow protector RM40 plus another helmet RM100 for him btw if you wanted to tuck you bike behind your car -the carrier will cost RM250... baru basikal belum superbike :)


ghazali said...

aisey....bikin saspen je.....huhu

Rashi Hariri said...

jemputlah datang rumah, free test drive new bike

Rahman Hariri said...

yalar potong stim jer

Rashi Hariri said...

hahaha :)

waiting for the right time, I will upload the real machine said...

OK, I baru nak mulakan belian acces. basikal, i rasa i bleh dapat cheaper dr harga Shah Alam.I lebih minat cycle leisure, nak masuk hutan , walaupun ada jemputan masuk Club MTB, tapi, i masih senang berdua dgn Mohd.
Dlm kepala, berangan nak jelajah Jakarta-Bandung.
I dah tawan Embun Pagi, Bukit Tinggi - Manijau - Lubik Basun- Tiku, lebih dr 70km, sebdirian and bersama Mohd halfway.
Selain dr Taiping-Kuala Kangsar-Lenggong-KK-Taiping, masa remaja.
Motosikal? Ish, tak minat la!!
Latiff Hariri

Rashi said...

Thanks Abg Boy for the response

I knew basikal is much cheaper in the northern part (up to thailand) and southern part of our country. Biasalah demand and supply. Cuma nak transport and journey tu yang m'yebabkan kena beli area shah alam.

Buat masa ini, saya dah involved 'off-road' cuma masih status 'beginner' dengan basikal yang baru.

Apapun yang penting dapat exercise, otherwise 'berat makin bertambah' risau juga...

Basikal Tandem (berdua) pun ada dalam rancangan pembelian, near future

Motosikal buat masa ini 'postpone' dulu. habis study nanti baru boleh :)