Feb 12, 2010

Office Politics

Technically I prefer to read others's blog on politics - example like Malaysia Today or Kopitiam Abg Nan, but that is on nation politic.

Office politics, hmm... I am not interested. As for I know most of Hariri's are very professional, hardworking while accepting whatever came in their career life, me included.

I was introduce to this kind of politics since 2002 when I was requested to take the 2nd top position in a institution/company. That point is more as strategic move as I was tasked to turn-around the company which has been loss since the last 5 year.

It was a small group of 12 employee - Not much on office politics there, nevertheless I learn most of the business strategy, art of war and organizational behavior, luckily we manage to turn-around within a year and I manage to secure half-day leave to further study and whenever CNY - I will get 'big' angpow.

That did not make me an expert, but somehow I has manage to handle a case involving a particular organization, where I acted as consultant for knowledge management system.

Now as 'unofficial' adviser to my colleague, I found that human never had enough despite fat salaries and tremendous benefits given by the employer, still wanted to 'kill' a person so that he/she can hold the position.

For me, rather simple.. rezeki Allah bagi, cukup-cukupkanlah.. kalau tak cukup pergi cari project lain takpun pergi ngajar part-time. Sibuk-sibuk dengan 'position' nak buat apa, lainlah kalau kita ni bagus sangat or can bring few million ringgit worth of business to the company. Setakat menghabiskan beras aje...semua orang boleh buat

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