Mar 3, 2010

Building New Hotel School

I was invited as Partner-Consultant in developing new hotel school in Malaysia. This is my second project whilst being a PhD candidates in Curriculum and Instruction, and the first project was about 2 years ago.

The project will include the Vision, Mission, business orientation and drawing of strategic blueprint for the school.

Being the key member in this project, my conceptual idea is vital in making sure the successful rate in the both area of hardware; the infrastructure and the software-the knowledge and skill needed for a school.

Nowadays; a hybrid program is the keyword for success.

The experience in developing such school are related to my long term career planning, as I already anticipating being a referral in the area of Culinary and Hospitality Infrastructure :)


mohd shahril said...

tahniah.tapi nape xde orang bg compliment?hehee...

Rashi Hariri said...

Ada apa orang bagi compliment kat atas tu. Biasalah... mana ada orang puashati bila ada orang lagi pandai dari diaorang :)