May 6, 2010

Lontong Klang

Lontong is traditional breakfast item made from several ingredients namely vegetables and fermented soya served with diluted flavored coconut milk making it suitable for vegetarian.

Frankly I never like having a lontong, maybe due to I never been trained to a soup-based breakfast products, with exceptional this "Lontong Klang". This famous lontong offers an enhanced version which include bergedil, sambal sotong while its fermented soya was crispy fried and the secret lies on the dessicated coconut; all compliment each other making it the best lontong available.

In yesteryear, the shop was located along the bazaar near Klang Bus Station, thus the name is derived. Nowadays it has one restaurant located in Seksyen 7 next to Shell station and UNISEL of Shah Alam. Since its normally full house, please come early to avoid any disappointment.

Nevertheless, for your eyes only; enjoy the lontong served with sambal sotong


Rahman Hariri said...

I found it a bit difficult to have lontong for breakfast since it is soup-based meal, and even with the veggies, looks a bit on the heavy side.

Tambah lah pulak if ada sotong.

Rashi Hariri said...

hahaha.. me too...why not 'kadang-kadang' aje :)